Etaples is a small town of about 11,000 inhabitants, with a fishing port whose activity has survived the various invasions, fires and bombings in various wars in the past. This is how Napoleon Bonaparte massed part of his powerful army from Le Boulonnais destined to conquer England - Marshal Ney's 6th corps. Both World War I and World War II caused great damage to him. Étaples paid a heavy price, recognized by the awarding of the Croix de Guerre in 1920 and a citation to the Order of the Nation in 1945: "This fishing port paid a heavy price for the liberation of the territory and deserved to be among the most gloriously wounded cities. The courage of its people, and particularly the tenacity of its sailors, will remain an example for all those who worked for the national recovery".

Etaples Military Cemetery is the largest Commonwealth Forces Cemetery. It is a place that is both moving and impressive in its size. You will be able to find testimonies of the life of local fishermen and, more generally, of the fishing world by visiting first the Marine Museum and then the Meréis Aquarium Museum. Complete this knowledge with a visit to the Museum of Traditional Shipbuilding.

For nature lovers, there is a wide choice of activities in and around Étaples. Numerous nature walks are possible, in the heart of the National Nature Reserve, in the Bay of Canche, where there is an important diversity of fauna and flora with remarkable rare species. Access, well marked out, is free on condition that its regulations are respected. As for the communal forest, it conceals numerous marked trails for hikes to discover its natural wealth. Since spring 2019, however, the less sporty will be able to take a breath of fresh air in the middle of this preserved natural space by embarking on superb cruises on the brand new Bay of Canche. Note that fishing enthusiasts can also enjoy it.

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