It's not always easy to find your way around Anglet, as the city is so large (26.93 km²)! It measures nine km from north to south of the commune. In fact, you could say that Anglet has many hearts of life. It is the second largest city on the Basque Coast with almost 40,000 inhabitants and the third largest city in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques after Pau and Bayonne. An artists' nursery has made it the cocoon of contemporary art, but it is also a scientific and technological centre with the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour and the ISA BTP engineering school. The airport is also in Anglet. Galleries and shopping malls with large signs, parks and gardens and 4.5 km of coastline backed by 350 hectares of forest complete this dynamic and welcoming city. A beautiful diversity to be appreciated according to one's tastes and the moment when one invests in this multi-faceted seaside resort which, in just a few years, has turned the page of the past by bringing its strategic sectors up to date and becoming involved in sustainable development.

11 beaches from north to south, from the cliffs of the Pointe Saint-Martin (Biarritz lighthouse) to the mouth of the Adour: beaches of the Barre, Golden Sands, Marinella, Corsairs, Chambre d'Amour, etc.

La Barre at the mouth of the Adour River offers not only a huge car park, but also an ice rink, a skate park, restaurants including a temporary guinguette, tapas and small restaurants made on the spot. The beginning of a walk along the ocean, an ecological park (Izadia) with its interpretation centre, where you can discover, free of charge, the preserved fauna and flora of the dune areas of the Basque coast.

As for the Chambre d'Amour, it has undergone a spectacular renovation. And if the ocean is still there, a wide promenade along the beach now invites you to relax and discover the many restaurants and guinguettes that serve aperitifs and tapas. But that's not all, since along the promenade, a surprising building that has kept its original Art Deco style enlivens this exceptional space, facing the ocean. A congress hall at its hours, a privileged space in any case for receptions, seminars and other events. Anglet has taken the turn of the 21st century, adapting to the times and fine-tuning its priceless natural assets, the ocean and its queen activities including surfing, golf, thalassotherapy, all with nature as a backdrop: its pine forest, its marina, and finally its gourmet products with a fine range of restaurants offering seafood cuisine.

News City. Anglet is committed to sustainable development, particularly with soft traffic. Nearly 20 km of bicycle paths line the city. In another register, since 2012, Olatu Leku was born. It is a 3,344 m2 business hotel for companies specialising in the snow sports industry, with High Environmental Quality standards. In fact, Anglet and its region, often referred to as the "Little California of Europe", is well deserving of this qualification since more than 40 surfing brands have sprung up here with no less than 3,200 people employed. At the same time, training sessions are held there, including the Master Sports de Glisse in partnership with the University of Bordeaux 2. Another technopole dedicated to sustainable construction will soon open its doors to the south of the city, making Anglet a city of the future and highly skilled jobs.

Now it's the turn of the Place des Cinq Cantons to develop. A residence and 25 shops grouped together in the halls offer the most beautiful local products of the Basque Country, a dynamic is developing on this square which becomes the second city centre of Anglet. The place now radiates throughout the region and many come to buy good local products in the Halles or in the surrounding shops. Today, the Halles d'anglet has nothing to envy to those of Bayonne, Biarritz, Saint-Jean-de-Luz...

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