At the foot of the mountain, the Aldudes, a dynamic municipality of 398 hectares that believes in its economic, artisanal and agricultural potential: a family farm, raising cows (for meat), ewes (dairy) that, in the summer, frequent the rich pastures of this region and, recently, Basque pigs, a rebirth that is due to a butcher who raises Basque pigs and a handful of accomplices, but also the Banca Trout with the Goicoechea (see below). A figure of the Aldudes, the parish priest, Father Etcheverry! If we are lucky enough to meet him, we should ask him to see Maximilian's rosary: this emperor would have passed through here after epic adventures. The village is small, but together with the river of the same name, a tributary of the Nive, it has given its name to this deep valley, known as the Aldudes valley in Urepel, the last cul-de-sac locality in this enclave in the Southern Basque Country. At the site of Argibel, there are three cromlechs, large stone circles, menhirs for funeral purposes, dating from the 1st millennium BC and at the entrance to the porch of the church, there is a bumper, a very rare piece in the Basque Country. So what does the future hold for the valley? It is a reflection that has been going on for some time now to define the future of this beautiful region from an economic, tourism, heritage, cultural and linguistic point of view. It is necessary to determine "how we dream the valley in 2030", and from there, to know the challenges they face and the ideas to implement them .

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