Situated not far from Le Touquet, near the Bay of Authie, Berck, also called Berck-sur-Mer, is the other major seaside resort in the south of the Opal Coast. Until about the middle of the 19th century, it was only a modest fishing village which depended mainly on seafaring professions. Deprived of harbours by the progressive silting up of the Authié estuary, the sailors adapted by using flat-bottomed boats, the famous flobarts.

Then Berck discovered and exploited the benefits of the sea air. Marianne Brillard, nicknamed Marianne-tout seul, had the idea of making the children of the Public Assistance who were entrusted to her take sea baths. Today she is considered to be the inventor of thalassotherapy. A first hospital was inaugurated by Empress Eugenie in 1869. Since then, the town has maintained this activity as a therapeutic town thanks to the presence of five hospitals and helio-marine centres. People come from the four corners of France and elsewhere to treat bone and joint diseases, as well as the aftermath of traumas caused by road accidents.

Tourism is the other important activity of Berck, which is also a seaside resort for sports and family holidays. The resort is famous for its extensive sandy beach - about 12 kilometres long, the largest in the region - which allows intensive practice of sand yachting. In addition, every year, the town hosts the International Kite Meeting on this magnificent and immense beach, which enjoys international renown and participation. We must add the attraction of Authié Bay, one of the few remaining wild bays in Europe where at low tide you can observe numerous colonies of grey seals and sea calves. In the town, almost entirely rebuilt after the bombings of the Second World War, there remains however a beautiful group of houses dating from the 19th and early 20th centuries, exceptional for the diversity of architectural styles represented.

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