It was here that Marshal Canrobert was born - the Algerian campaigns, Crimea and the capture of Malakhov, war of 1870 - whose statue can be seen in the Republic Square. In 1611, a Dutch engineer divided the bed of the river that ran through the town into several canals to reduce the damage caused by flooding. The city was called the "Little Venice of the Lot" until the end of the last century when all the canals were covered. What strikes when entering this city is the current dynamism of its shops and its level of equipment. Totally enclosed, Saint-Céré had to learn to do without the influence of Figeac and Souillac by owning the infrastructures necessary for its development. This village-sized town is located in the "mecanic valley", where many SMEs in the high-tech industry work.

Since 2014, ScénOgraph, the Scène Conventionnée Théâtre et Théâtre Musical, contributes to the creation and emergence of young artists, pursues an effort of cultural development of the territory and offers to the widest audiences a quality artistic diffusion with the support of the State, the Occitanie region, the department of Lot, the Cities of Saint-Céré and Figeac, and the Communities of communes Cauvaldor and Grand-Figeac. It brings together four activities: the Saint-Céré festival, the Figeac theatre festival, the programming of the Théâtre de l'Usine season and the creation and production of shows by the Opéra Eclaté company, one of the 5 national lyric companies.

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