How many natural wonders that welcome the public for visits, the Padirac Abyss had to close its access to visitors following the measures taken by the government to contain the coronavirus epidemic. In the expectation that the site will once again be able to welcome the curious from all over the world, this period of confinement is an opportunity to recall all the splendour of the place. This monumental natural cavity has an opening 35 m in diameter which reveals a chasm full of mystery, and the river Padirac flows 103 m underground and runs through a 42 km long gallery! During a boat ride led by a boatman, visitors have the opportunity to walk through 1 km of galleries, a walk along the water which allows them to discover successively underground treasures among which a stalactite more than 60 m long (La Grande Pendeloque), suspended above the Rainy Lake, then the Lac des Gours, which is none other than several natural and millenarian dams, and finally the Grand Dôme room, a real mineral cathedral. The Gouffre de Padirac team is preparing an artistic and cultural programme to make the most of this magical place in the Lot as soon as it reopens. More information on the Gouffre de Padirac website