Today, only three of the four towers of the different lords of the place remain. A place of safety given to Protestants by the Edict of Nantes, Cardaillac belonged to the family of the same name (one of the oldest and most important in the Quercy). Cardaillac is above all the site of the "fort" (12th century, illuminated every evening in summer), installed on a steep plateau dominated by the 15th century round tower, the 12th century clock tower, massive and square (former prison, notice the hooks that would have been used for hanging!), the 11th century tower of Sagnes, more than 20 m high. A beautiful spiral staircase leads us (after passing through two rooms) to a platform from where we can discover a magnificent panorama of the site. A stroll through the narrow streets (central gutter) of the village reveals the old houses with ochre stones, red-brown roofs with small dormer windows and pointed doors. Another discovery: an old well and a street corner cut off to allow the passage of cartwheels. The whole village is immersed in a medieval atmosphere even though the three covered wash houses fed by the Murat were built in 1924. Don't miss the exploded museum of Cardaillac for a nice trip back in time. Le Bouyssou is an ancient eruptive centre with a volcanic ascension chimney, Romanesque church of the 12th century. Fourmagnac, with its Romanesque church, built on the site of a vast Gallo-Roman cemetery which extended as far as Cardaillac. One can see a curiosity of nature unique in the department: the Griffoul fountain petrified by limestone. Saint-Bressou is also a site of volcanic origin. The peak of Saint-Bressou (618 m) offers a very extensive view from its calvary. In the village, a tourist walking rally will allow you to burn a few calories!

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