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Top 10 unusual museums

If there is one cultural outing not to be missed during the holidays, it is the one to the museum. They can be found in almost every major city, in villages and sometimes even in the middle of nowhere. They are places that allow us to contemplate the works of famous artists, dead or alive, or to learn more about the history of the world. But museums are not just places where you have to take a serious look, and to make your time at the museum a fun one, Le Petit Futé brings you 10 unusual museums in the world that promise laughter, adventure and discovery.

The National Museum of Emerging Sciences in Japan aka Miraikan

Truly amazing, this museum offers you all kinds of discoveries and experiences, including the ability to consult seismic data in real time across the country. Basically, yes, we can see live how the earth moves around us. In this high-tech museum, you also have the opportunity to rub shoulders with robots and see them in action. The museum also has some amazing exhibits, such as the one about becoming a turd and going down the toilet on a slide. So be sure to check out the programme, there's plenty to enrich your scientific culture, and also to have a good laugh!

The Museum of Ugly Art in Dedham and Somerville, Massachusetts

The works of art presented in this institution are "too bad to be ignored" according to some. But beware! We're not laughing! Because the works could have been successful! It was necessary to think about it but it is undeniable that walking through the alleys of this museum is enough to make you smile, either by the representations of human bodies that leave you perplexed or by the strangely represented landscapes. But beware, one can be surprised by a crush because it is well known, tastes and colors, it is not debatable! Ugly art in its museum and it would be a shame to miss it

The Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavik

Thanks to this visit, you will know everything you need to know about the penis. The real one, the fake one, the ugly one, the beautiful one, the animal one. The big bushy one of the whales, the chubby one of the giraffes, the big wrinkled one of the beavers. Everything everything everything everything, this museum will tell you everything about the penis. If the concept of this museum was born out of a joke, it has now become a must-see, a place that appeals to visitors to the Icelandic capital. Collecting penises was something to think about, but in the end why wouldn't animal limbs be studied in depth?

The Lawn-Mower Museum in Southport, England

The theme of this museum is quite improbable: the lawnmower! It contains a collection that stretches from the industrial revolution from 1799 to the present day, nearly 600 pieces. Among these exceptional works are lawnmowers by world-famous personalities such as Prince Charles himself! We also see models built by major brands such as Rolls Royce and Daimler. Have you ever heard of exhibitions on lawnmower races? Yes there are, and they can also be seen at the Lawn-Mower, the unusual museum with the green front of course!

Underwater Museum of Cancún, Mexico

On a holiday in the Yucatán peninsula, you should certainly not miss the largest underwater museum in the world! Unusual and unique visit guaranteed. With flippers and a snorkel, go and admire more than 400 sculptures made of ecological materials at a depth of a few meters. They are the work of the English artist Jason de Caires Taylor. The very particular place of exposure of these sculptures makes that they are in perpetual evolution. Indeed, the marine ecosystem is gradually making its nest there

The Museum of Alchemy in Prague, Czech Republic

It is in one of the oldest houses in the city that you will discover this magical place. In the 15th century, potions were already being sold here, and in the 16th century, a tunnel linked this place to the castle of Emperor Rudolph II, a famous alchemist. Many legends take place in this building! Don't forget to buy yourself a love elixir that will protect you from the "broken heart" syndrome. The place is dark, cool and quickly gives the impression of plunging into the heart of a tale where magic reigns. The music with the sounds of boiling potions adds to this resolutely fantastic universe.

The Museum of Broken Hearts in Zagreb, Croatia

A break-up is always hard to digest, and sometimes leads us to isolate ourselves for weeks or even months with a packet of tissues in hand under the duvet. However, some objects remind us of the good times of our love life, others less so... Made up of love relics from all over the world bequeathed by couples who have broken up, this museum is atypical and intimate. There are keys, stuffed animals and even vibrators! Finally, a visit to the Broken Hearts Museum is certainly an opportunity to learn more about one's own emotions and to better confront them. A real crush..

The Museum of Food Anomalies

Here is a free museum accessible only on the net: the Museum of Food Anomalies. Funny and full of second degree, this virtual museum compiles the unexpected natural artistic discoveries made by Internet users: an apple in the shape of a duck, a smiley face on a pickle, a heart-shaped potato, etc. The food and the way we cook can sometimes be surprising and one thing is sure, by surfing on this virtual museum, you will not see your dishes in the same way anymore..

The Hair Museum in Avanos, Turkey

Discover in a Cappadocian cave house nearly 16,000 different hairs from the four corners of the world. Hanging from the world's simplest ceiling, the hair is organized by a refined and dubious scenography. The place is worthy of an installation in a museum of contemporary art, and the final rendering is nevertheless very challenging. It's up to everyone to make up their own mind. Anyway, do not hesitate to leave a lock of hair, scissors are available. And pay attention to the hair on the tongue which can happen quite easily..

The Museum of the Unusual at Liauzu in France

How can we not finish a Top on unusual museums without mentioning the Musée de l'Insolite? A true experimental place, everything is there: inventions, extraordinary stagings, creations, etc. The museum, which is located at the foot of a dizzying cliff, is constantly evolving and metamorphosing all year round! Its creator has only one idea in mind, to astonish you more and more. And this is the expected effect when you arrive in front of the worm-eaten aircraft, the cyclotronc or the chewed steak tree! A clever address for all those who want to be amazed.

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