Surrounded by an impressive circus of cliffs, Autoire emerges with its forest of turrets, elaborate facades and elegant manor houses where the notables of Saint-Céré came to relax. Surrounded by its 13th century Romanesque church, which preserves amusing sculpted modillions, a cul-de-four apse and a pendant dome, the village reveals its corbelled houses with their brown tiled roofs, brightened up by dormer windows, dominated by the former Limargue castle, a 15th century manor house that was redesigned in the 16th and 18th centuries. This setting was however besieged by the Godons and then became a base for the raids of an infamous chief skinner from Figeac, Bernard de la Salle, at the end of the 14th century. The remains clinging to the rock of the circus would have been those of his eagle's nest. Autoire is classified among the "Most Beautiful Villages in France". A very beautiful view of Autoire is offered to you from the waterfall circuit when you arrive at the high point of the course in Siran.

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