Good news for lovers of space and human prowess in the field, the Cité de l'espace will once again welcome the public. This will be an opportunity to come with family or friends to discover or rediscover the permanent and temporary exhibitions, the modules of the MIR Space Station, full-size replicas of the Ariane 5 rocket or the Chinese lunar robot Chang'E 4. In the gardens of this mythical place in Toulouse, it is in front of the life-size replica of a L.M. (Lunar Module -Photo-), the mythical spacecraft that allowed humans to land on the Moon on July 21, 1969 with the Apollo 11 mission, that the public can marvel. A detailed exploration in the temporary exhibition Moon, Episode II. Note that health measures have been taken by the Space City to ensure the safety of staff and visitors. And don't miss the summer program, which promises to be rich and astronomical! More information on the Cité de l'espace website