On the occasion of the 26th Festival of Agen, the Théâtre du Jour - Théâtre École d'Aquitaine is pleased to present its program!


=> Saturday 10th July
6pm : "Vers la Mer" (Bout'Choux)
8pm : Opening of the Festival
9pm : "L'esprit vagabond" (Free entrance)

- Summary "L'esprit vagabond" : The three knocks will be struck at the Théâtre du Jour, for the inauguration of the twenty-sixth festival of Agen. With Françoise Danell, Zabo and the young actors of the Théâtre École d'Aquitaine, words, those of Pierre Debauche, Victor Hugo, Chekhov, Racine, Marivaux, will be present with those of this year's writers. The talents of yesterday inspire those of today.

=> Sunday 11 and Monday 12 July :
6pm: "Vers la Mer" (Bout'Choux)
7.30 pm : Open stage
9pm : "J'ai Rêvé la Révolution" by Catherine Anne (Professional Guest Company)

- Summary "I dreamed the revolution": Four characters: a woman, prisoner, awaiting trial, she writes; her jailer; his mother; a young woman, who comes from the countryside. The action is concentrated in five days; five days in which the characters observe each other, listen to each other, judge each other, reveal each other, exchange, save each other, influence each other, and above all, talk to each other.
To accompany the action, a choir; a choir that behind the wall becomes a people; a choir with several voices, a polyphony, a choir that in the night becomes a cry.

=> Tuesday 13 July :
6pm: "In my star there is ..." (Bout'Choux)
7.30-9pm: Open stage

Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th July :
6pm: "In my star there is ..." (Bout'Choux)
7:30 pm : Open Stage
9pm : "Le Gora, "Les Boulingrin" by Georges Courteline followed by "Les Plaideurs" by Jean Racine
- Summary of "Les Boulingrin": Monsieur Des Rillettes, a freeloader, tries to get into the Boulingrin household. He thinks he will be able to spend some pleasant moments in their home, warm and cozy for a good part of the winter, but he finds himself at the center of a domestic scene and becomes an additional pretext for bickering, with the couple taking him for an arbiter.

=> Thursday, July 16:
6pm: "Babette" based on the novel by Karen Blixen (Bout'Choux)
7.30-9pm: Open Stage

=> Friday 17 and Saturday 18 July :
6pm: "Babette" based on the novel by Karen Blixen (Bout'Choux)
7:30 pm: Open Stage
9pm: "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov (All audiences)

- Summary of "The Cherry Orchard": On her return from Paris, Lyubov Andreevna must face the facts and, "if only once in her life, look the truth in the face". She has to sell her estate and, with it, The Cherry Orchard, which is its refinement and beauty. When everything you've built on collapses, what can you do with your memories? How to go on living, and why? To whom, to what do we turn? Where to go? What to do with love, which remains?

=> Monday 19 July :
6pm: "The Extraordinary Adventures of the Forest of Islan" (Bout'Choux)
7.30-9pm: Open Stage

=> Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 July :
6pm: "The Extraordinary Adventures of the Islan Forest" (Bout'Choux)
7.30 pm: Open Stage
9pm: "The King is Dying" by Eugène Ionesco

- Summary of "The King Dies": That day the kingdom of King Berenger I crumbles at great speed. And the grains of wheat are falling apart, Time is running out, Life is beating ... That day is ... The King must be told that that day ... Ionesco invites us, through this farce, to look our destiny in the face. Perhaps then he is inviting us to liberate ourselves and embrace our humanity in its entirety?

Thursday, July 22 :
6pm: "Les Enfants de la Mer" (Bout'Choux)
7.30-9pm: Open stage

=> Friday 23 July :
6pm : "Les Enfants de la Mer" (Bout'Choux)
7.30 pm : Open Stage
9pm : "Embarkation" (French)

- "Embarkation" summary: After three years of curriculum and fifty liters of hydroalcoholic gel later, the 2018-2021 graduating class of the Théâtre Ecole d'Aquitaine is more than happy to invite you to its latest show, about which we won't tell you anything more here (so as not to spoil the surprise).

=> Saturday 24th July :
6pm : "Les Enfants de la Mer" (Bout'Choux)
8pm : "Embarkation
22h : Giant Barbecue

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- Shows Bout'Choux: 5€ (Single Rate)
- Open Stage : Free access
- Shows for the general public: 13€ (Full price) / 10€ (Reduced price) / 5€ (- 12 years old)
- FESTIVAL PASS (5 shows) : 50€ (Full price)
- Unlimited SOLO Pass : 70€ (Full Price)
- Unlimited DUO Pass : 120€ (full price)

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