Classified "  Village Ancien  ", Saint-Macaire is a splendid medieval site surrounded by ramparts. Called Ligena during antiquity, the city took the name of the saint who came to evangelize it and developed around its abbey. The whole city is interesting and we'll park outside to walk around it. See first of all the 14th century Benauge Gate - also called the Clock Gate, the Town Hall or the Cadillac Gate - which admirably synthesizes the fortified entrance of the village, then, in the center, the Mercadiou Square, considered the most beautiful in the department with its blonde stone arcades, its 14th to 16th century facades and its former Renaissance-style post house, now converted into the Post Office Museum. The village contains many old houses, the most beautiful of which are those of Tardes, La Roque, Eyquem or Baritault, Flous. The priory church of Saint-Sauveur is an imposing Romanesque building that was rebuilt in several periods - 13th, 15th and 17th. His main curiosity is a set of murals inspired by the Apocalypse and which decorate the apse. Originally from the 14th century, they were unfortunately restored in the 19th century. Adjacent to the church, the Benedictine priory dominates the ramparts, but of the former monastery, only the south wing of the cloister with its colonnade remains, the well marking the centre of the cloister. As for the ramparts of the 12th and 14th centuries, they have particularly well preserved high walls. A nice walk allows you to walk along them from the bottom, before going back up through the Thuron gate (XIVth) and its barbican or the Rendesse gate - defence tower of the XIVth. Enjoy your visit!

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