The Abyss of the Sweet Eye

Situated in the heart of the Clape massif, the impressive "gouffre de l'oeil doux" (sweet-eye abyss) is set in a green setting and offers walkers a surprising spectacle. This natural curiosity, born from the collapse of a huge vault, is made up of high limestone cliffs that dominate an emerald green, brackish, motionless and often mysterious expanse of water - many legends surround it. This perfectly circular waterhole is always a puzzle for geologists. The water in the chasm could come from the drainage of the underground rivers of the Clape massif. It is claimed that there is a siphon in its centre and bathing is officially forbidden. From the top of the gentle eye, there is an exceptional view of the sheepfold, the Domaine de l'Oustalet, the sea and the Pissevaches pond - nearly 220 species of birds, some of them very rare, make this place one of the best ornithological sites in the department. To get there you have to park your car either in the car park of the Domaine de l'Oustalet or in the car park of the chasm between Fleury-d'Aude and Saint-Pierre-la-Mer. Vigilance however, due to a large number of thefts, we recommend that you do not leave any objects in your car.

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