A small village of nearly 2,500 inhabitants, Pennautier has a certain appeal, with one of the oldest wine-producing castles in France, in the heart of the Cabardès PDO and only a few kilometres from Carcassonne. Historically speaking, Pennautier has many assets, with a restored old tile factory, the megalithic tombs of the Bois de Moure, consisting of a covered walkway and a Tumulus, as well as the magnificent castle, built under Louis XIII, called the "little Versailles", registered with its park in the register of historic monuments since 1972. All this cultural heritage contributes to the influence of this small town in the department of Aude and the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Local associations lead a very rich sporting, cultural and social life, with a highlight being the "Cabardièses de Pennautier" in August, a fabulous piano festival. Other events punctuate the year through the varied cultural programme of the Na Loba theatre, which hosts dance shows, concerts and plays. The Anne-Marie Almerge media library, which offers a wide range of collections (novels, literature, comics, documentaries, local collections, etc.) and a multimedia area for all audiences.

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