Two styles, two artists who tell in images with poetry, tenderness, humour their view of the world around them. Nathalie Louveau has travelled the roads of the Aude, from the sea to the mountains, from the town to the villages, from the vineyards to the plane trees, from the pétanque players to the craftsmen, from the fishermen to the tourists... On her sketchbook, emotions, scents, sounds, landscapes, human encounters: those of chance and the more intimate ones, behind the walls, when you go inside. She exhibits the original sketches of her book "Aude, carnet de voyage" (Editions du Cabardès). Everyone will be sensitive to this generous and poetic approach, everyone will discover what they don't know yet, or rediscover what they think they already know.
Gaëlle Ferradini, for her part, has travelled by drawing during this confined year. With a humanistic eye, she tells of the feelings of daily life as well as the lack of moments of sharing that give meaning to our lives, through touching drawings that resonate in each of us.
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