Exhibition " Série Noire " (Black Series)
Opening on Saturday 18th September with our partner " Château Saint Estève ".
For this last exhibition at the " Centre des arts de Fabrezan ", the association C451 proposes a mix of internationally recognized artists and others emerging around the theme of the black work, strange and mysterious black work with dark reflections of our souls.
"Christopher Elliot, Christian Sabas, Bruno Coiffard, Jean-Christophe Alix, Josabel 451, and some emblematic artists from Philippe Aïni's collection, among others; Caré Line, Fabienne Octobre, Vlad :1 :1 , Antoine Correia, Patrick Paufert, Fabien Chevrier, etc."
This is also an opportunity for me to present my work in confined spaces, originals and limited prints of black inks with a gothic spirit inspired by the torment of the mourners of our romantic cemeteries of past centuries.
In the Hall and the vats, sculptures and installations by " F.Langlois, E.Ranche, Nathalie Albaladejo, B.Morse, J.Duault, R.Cros, D.Auge and Josabel 451 "
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