Weekend at Disneyland Paris: 5 experiences to prolong the magic

Disney lovers have been waiting for months: the long-awaited reopening of Disneyland Paris has finally arrived! Whether you opt for a one-day fairy tale or decide to take a break for several days in the must-see theme park, it's a safe bet that the return to Earth will leave a little taste of "going back" in your mouth... How about extending the magic at Val d'Europe, the shopping centre that welcomes the whole family just five minutes from the parks? With its 100,000m2 of commercial space, hosting 190 shops, 30 restaurants and an aquarium, you can go there for a shopping spree, to enjoy good food, and to take advantage of its various leisure activities. All in all, the best way to spend a weekend of pleasure.

1- Enjoy a treat in a film setting at the Indiana Café

There's nothing like a succession of attractions at Disneyland Paris to whet the appetite and restore your strength. To do this, families and groups of friends can head to theIndiana Café - Val d'Europe restaurant, where the decor plunges us into the heart of a work of the 7th art, with a lounge atmosphere and subdued lighting. It is in this relaxing setting that we discover a menu that will please everyone and that honours the flavours of Latin America, which is sure to delight all palates: calamari fritters, nachos, guacamole, fajitas, burgers, rib steak with chips, bowls and other salads. The choice is wide and there are even options for vegetarians. You can also go there in the evening to enjoy a cocktail on the terrace, a bloody Mary, a caipirinha, a cuba libre or a daiquiri, and good news, the place is open every day from 9am to midnight and with a continuous service! Fancy a sweet treat during the day? You can also succumb to the delicious pastries of Strada.

2- Take a photo in front of a majestic anamorphosis

After stopping at one of Val d'Europe's restaurants, it's time for a digestive stroll, and to celebrate its reopening, the shopping centre is inviting you to join the La Promenade alley to discover an exceptional work of art imagined with the Mural Studio Collective, aka Etien' & Sneck, until November. It is a colourful, giant and flying creation. An idea? Yes, we are talking about a huge macaw! Once you're there, have fun finding the perfect vantage point to take a few shots to bring back in your cameras and smartphones some original souvenir photos that you'll enjoy looking at again and again to remember this sweet escapade

3- Discover the aquatic world of Sea Life Paris

What a pleasant surprise to arrive in a shopping mall and find that you can have a great time in a large aquarium! Sea Life Paris unveils several thematic zones to discover the incredible wealth of marine fauna around the world: the French coast, the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon, Asia and the tropical zone. Not forgetting the manchuotis, the shark island and the colourful fish that populate the decor inspired by the legendary Atlantis. The Sea Life Paris aquarium also offers a multitude of activities for families, with animal feeding, drawing sessions with the virtual aquarium, virtual reality animations and an adventure kit for children to discover the aquarium like a real explorer, while having fun! Penguins, turtles, sharks, octopuses and other rays, a total of 2,250 marine and freshwater animals and nearly 350 species are welcomed in 50 tanks. In addition, to celebrate its 20 years of existence in Val d'Europe, Sea Life Paris is offering a competition to win tickets until 18 July

4- Spoil the kids even more during a shopping trip

If children are always amazed by a trip to Disneyland Paris and leave with a thousand stars in their eyes, why not take advantage of the opportunity to treat them to an even more enjoyable family shopping trip? The large shopping centre has all the services and numerous shops to entertain them and dress them from head to toe: Sergent Major, Okaidi, Oxybul and Kiabi. You can take advantage of the opportunity to visit shops that are not necessarily located near your home, and for children who want to take home a piece of clothing bearing the image of their favourite Disney hero, the Primark store in Val d'Europe has Disney-licensed clothing at lower prices than inside the park. For the youngest, head for the Doll ride!

5- Treat yourself to some great shopping when you're older

Adults can also enhance their wardrobe in Val d'Europe. On the one hand, there are ready-to-wear shops with brands such as Zara, H&M, Mango for trousers, sweaters, jackets, t-shirts or even Victoria's Secret for lingerie. Are you a make-up fan? It's time to discover the famous Canadian brand MAC Cosmetics, the favourite of the stars. In the mall, the shopping experience for older shoppers is much more extensive, with an Apple Store to change phones or get the latest computer or tablet, as well as gourmet shops like Kusmi Tea to fill the cupboards at home. It is of course difficult to list all the shops present in this shopping paradise, but one thing is certain, everyone can treat themselves, right next to the parks.

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