Four You Gallery is pleased to present the new exhibition of the New York artist Stickymonger, "My Kinda Vacation", exclusively in Paris from Nov. 18 to Dec. 5, 2021

"My Kinda Vacation" marks an important step in the artist's creative process. Born in South Korea and living in New York, Stickymonger proposes for the first time, an exhibition only composed of colored works, contrary to her appetence for black and white. Here, the intention is to create a link through color. Each piece in the exhibition tells a story directly inspired and influenced by his own experience and whose characters are familiar to him.

Stickymonger is a frenetic worker, the very idea of taking a vacation is foreign to her. Because it is unusual, the term "taking a vacation" resonates with her as work and not as leisure. The artist finds her moments of escape in a state that is similar to hers; daydreaming. The only holidays she considers are governed by thought. A concept that has become a ritual for disconnecting from the daily grind and recharging one's batteries in the midst of the surrounding hustle and bustle. "My Kinda Vacation" tells us about these moments of daydreaming, like a routine adapted to a busy working life.

In her works, the artist places a recurring presence in the guise of a creature, an imaginary allegorical friend created to keep the central character company and to share these privileged moments, when she escapes and disconnects from the world around her.

In this new exhibition, each work expresses a different state and echoes a "type of vacation" from the artist's daily life. Whether it is dreaming in a ball pool, escaping while watching the night fall, the wind blow or contemplating the snow falling in the warmth of a home... There are so many situations that everyone can appreciate in their own way.

Christine Mardirian
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