As it celebrates its 60th anniversary, the Centre National d'Études Spatiales, in partnership with the Atelier des Lumières, is offering a unique immersive show retracing the great French space epic. The first digital art center in Paris opens its doors in the evening to offer visitors a unique journey that starts in the Guiana forest and ends at the edge of the universe. "Destination Cosmos, the ultimate challenge" is a moment all in images and music, a journey that leads to the heart of the Martian canyons, above the ring of Saturn and to the discovery of Jupiter. As always on the Atelier des Lumières, there is plenty of space and you can move around during the projection to enjoy this beautiful space adventure. It is to be experienced in the heart of Paris, an original creation to vibrate. More information on the Atelier des Lumières website and here is the video of our visit.