The exhibition The King's Animals, which is taking place at the Château de Versailles, aims to reveal the links that the Court had with animals. And many of them took advantage of the beautiful setting of one of the most impressive monuments in France. More than 300 works including paintings, sculptures, porcelain, tapestries and other naturalized animals. We learn that hunting animals, livestock, game, ceremonial or war horses and even exotic animals have occupied the premises. Pets, objects of study and symbols of power are some of the topics covered. It is also an opportunity to discover the faithful companions of the kings Louis XIV and Louis XV, and the way in which they did not hesitate to assert that animals are endowed with a soul and feelings. Also a must-see are the sculptures of fantastic animals in the former grove of the Labyrinth at the Château de Versailles. More information on the website of the Château de Versailles.