Former castrum called Alingo, the commune of Langon saw its church founded in the 4th century by Saint Paulin, bishop of Nole, originally from Bordeaux. Although there are few traces of the fortifications that surrounded the town in the 12th century, during a walk in the old town, we will nevertheless see several old houses, notably in the rue Maubec, at n° 24 - 19th century troubadour-style house -, at n° 32 - bourgeois house - and at n° 51 - carved decoration from the Henri IV period. An active sub-prefecture, Langon has a long pedestrian street leading to the banks of the Garonne where one can meditate on the whims of the river in front of the surprising scale of the floods in Rue Laffargue - the last big flood to date is that of 1981, with 11.14 metres, compared with the 13 metres of 1770, mistakenly indicated in 1774. It is also partly on these quays that the big Friday market is held, particularly lively with its producers from the surrounding villages and neighbouring departments. All year round, Langon comes alive to the rhythm of its cultural highlights.

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