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Philippe de Gobert expose Le Havre au MuMA

In 2018, the photographer Philipe de Gobert, who lives and works in Brussels, discovered Le Havre. He then became interested in the architecture of the city and gathered documentation on the work carried out by the architect Auguste Perret and his team for its reconstruction. MuMA is devoting a very fine monographic exhibition entitled Du merveilleux en architecture au conte photographique (From the marvellous in architecture to the ...

Les bons plans de Saliha au Havre

Le Havre is a Normandy town that does not immediately make you think of holidays a priori, and yet it is also a seaside destination with 2 km of beach, and its cargo port is worth a guided tour The city is also culturally rich: its city centre is partly listed by UNESCO, its museum the MUMA has the largest collection of impressionist works outside the Musée d'Orsay, and its event "A Summer in Le Havre" is a major exhibition of contemporary ...

Le Havre : escapade inattendue en Normandie

There's a lot to be said for Le Havre. On the history of the city that was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, then saw its city centre rebuilt by the talented Auguste Perret. An architecture that today can only attract the eye of the curious, as the city is so different from neighboring cities and ultimately, all the cities of France. A stroll for a weekend or a long stay allows you to plunge into the heart of a ...

Le Muséum du Havre invite les visiteurs à voyager pour sa réouverture

If the French will probably not be able to travel abroad this summer, the Natural History Museum of Le Havre invites visitors to travel the globe for its upcoming reopening, through various exhibitions. Heading for the extreme south and Antarctica as part of the exhibition L'Aventure Charcot : Du Havre à l'Antarctique (Charcot Adventure : From Le Havre to Antarctica), which follows the first two expeditions that left Le Havre, that of the ...