Fascinating and disturbing, the poles have given rise to many expeditions, generating numerous stories. These passionate and reckless men and women have braved so much danger, sometimes pushing their physical resistance beyond what was reasonable, and have written fascinating stories. These are vibrant testimonies of what these explorations were, the encounters with peoples who still live there, with a short summer and a long winter as seasons. The exhibition "Frozen Words, 2000 years of polar stories" is a relevant reflection of polar history.

In addition to this beautiful exhibition on the extreme environments that are the poles, the Polar Worlds Space allows you to discover them. This place contains a museum, an ice rink, an excellent restaurant and a shop. But above all, it is a place that allows you to immerse yourself in the world and life of Paul Emile Victor, who was, it should be noted, a Jura native. Throughout the year there are animations, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and visits. Individually or with the family, it is a must when you come to the Jura mountains.

Prémanon (Jura)

Until June 12, 2022