The Bleu de Gex Haut-Jura sector is the first cheese D.O.P. to be labeled with the "Regional Natural Park Value" label. Bleu de G ex is an excellent blue-veined cheese. It is made in only four fruit farms (Les Moussières, Villard-Saint-Sauveur, Chezery-Forens and Lajoux) and includes 44 farms. They are spread over a very limited production area in the middle of the park, straddling the Jura and the Ain

The Valeur Parc brand is one of the few labels that can be superimposed on the PDO label. This brand values economic activities that focus on people, the preservation of the environment and attachment to the land, and these values are reflected in this excellent product

Throughout the months, actions and events take place around the Bleu de Gex and the Haut-Jura Regional Park. Here is an exceptional cheese from a terroir that is no less exceptional. To discover absolutely, which will enrich your cheese board and will surprise the gourmets.

Syndicat interprofessionnel du Bleu de Gex 39800 Poligny

Maison du Parc Régional du Haut Jura in Lajoux 39130