The Haute-Saône is a tourist department to discover. It is also a department where the famous cancoillotte is produced, an essential speciality of Franche-Comté. The method of production goes back to ancient times, and this know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. The MILLERET family in Charcenne is an example of this. With its four generations of cheese makers, it is one of those people from the Comtois region who have managed to preserve this heritage. By being respectful of this land, concerned with ancestral know-how and not denying where they come from, they demonstrate their attachment to this corner of Franche-Comté. 2021 will mark the centenary of theFromagerie MILLERET, that is all. Here, milk is processed from producers located an average of 25 kilometres from the cheese dairy. Over the years, the cheese dairy has diversified by producing soft cheeses, complementary to the traditional Comté, Morbier, Bleu de Gex and Mont d'Or. Two products should speak to you: "Le Roucoulons" and "l'Ortolan". The cancoillotte you will find under the brand name "le Franc-Comtois" with a variety of flavours: natural, with metton smoked in beech wood, with French garlic or with white wine from the Savagnin grape. This is a fine example of a family business that has been able to adapt by offering quality products, to maintain an activity that combines the social and environmental aspects by avoiding the desertification of this rural area where life is so good.

Charcenne. Haute-Saône 70 700