A Genoese city par excellence, some say it is Christopher Columbus' native city, Calvi is a very pretty port and seaside city (only beautiful beaches!), with a very marked and dynamic cultural identity. Today, the current capital of Balagne is the third largest tourist city in Corsica and throughout the year, it is animated by very varied festivals, which a Calvi tourist guide will show you. The Holy Week ceremonies (Lavanda on Thursday, A Granitula on Friday), strongly rooted in tradition, venerated by the Corsicans and appreciated by tourists, are very present in Calvi. Walking through the streets of the upper town, you can also see another plaque reminiscent of Napoleon's stay in Calvi in 1793. The lower town is centred around the marina, one of the busiest on the island. If the waterfront and the quays are crowded in summer, the city is less frequented the rest of the time and is full of historical treasures to discover (citadel, Giubega house, Salt Tower...). South of Calvi in the direction of Porto by the coast we discover the peninsula of Revellata. Classified and preserved, 4 km long, it offers a wide view of Calvi and its bay.

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When to go to Calvi? All year round, of course! If summer is conducive to maritime leisure (beach, swimming, water sports...), it is also the peak season. There are therefore many tourists there, and accommodation is more expensive. If you have the opportunity, choose the front or back season instead. The months of May-June and October-November are also very pleasant. It may be a little cooler there, but you will have plenty of time to enjoy the city and its surroundings. The water temperature is very mild from April-May. Note: Holy Week (in April) is one of the city's main attractions. Very interesting, it attracts many tourists

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When to travel?

When to go to Calvi? All year round, of course! If summer is conducive to maritime leisure (beach, swimming, water sp...
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The climate of Calvi is, like almost all of Corsica, of Mediterranean type. The city enjoys almost permanent sunshine...
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