Whether you are a regular naturist or you wish to be initiated to the pleasures of spending your vacations in the simplest way, there is nothing like joining a sunny destination like Corsica, jewel of the Mediterranean. In Haute-Corse, halfway between Porto-Vecchio and Bastia, the Riva Bella Thalasso and Spa Resort is a naturist vacation village located on an incredible 70-hectare classified natural site. Comfortably installed with family or friends in the accommodation of your choice, you can take advantage of the quietness of the place and its particular location between a sea pond and the Mediterranean Sea to take care of yourself, relax and reconnect with nature.

The pleasures of living a naturist vacation

Feeling of freedom, self-acceptance, reconnection with the natural environment, there are many good reasons to enjoy a naturist vacation. The Riva Bella Thalasso and Spa Resort, located in Aléria in Corsica, offers holidaymakers a dream setting for a clothing-free stay. Starting with its long sandy beach overlooking the translucent waters of the Mediterranean. A perfect place to sunbathe, fill up on vitamin D and swim. While some activities, such as yoga or aquagym, require you to wear shorts or a swimsuit, you can enjoy the facilities and treatments dedicated to relaxation (pools, massages, etc.) in the simplest of clothes. Outside, naturism is also open to those who follow the health course for a walk or a jog. The same goes for the llama park, a walk where you can enjoy the unspoiled nature and the 70 llamas that live peacefully and help maintain the estate in winter. The fauna and flora are incredibly rich on the estate. Maquis, endemic flora, native plants and migratory birds make up the landscape. Not to mention the pond of Terrenzana, a natural curiosity populated by species such as the green tree frog of Sardinia, the green frog, Hermann's turtle, the Sicilian lizard and the red-tailed sharp-shooter.

With such a rich and beautiful natural site, the initiation to naturism is done in the best possible conditions. The vacations take place in a case where serenity reigns, without judgments and where the equipment, services and care also invite to concentrate on the essential: the relaxation, the well-being and nature.

A naturist Thalasso center where you can relax and regain vitality

The Riva Bella Thalasso and Spa Resort's credo is to initiate oneself to naturism while taking advantage of equipment and services totally dedicated to relaxation and fitness. It is here, in a natural setting where the Corsican mountains are reflected in the sea pond and where the Mediterranean Sea stretches out its arms to us that we put our suitcases in a villa, a bungalow, a chalet or a fully equipped mobile home. Unless you prefer to install your tent, caravan or motor home on one of the pitches of the friendly campsite 4**** located just a few steps from the beach. The choice of vacation accommodation is wide.

The naturist village of Corsica Riva Bella offers a multitude of facilities conducive to relaxation and renewed energy. Thalasso center and spa, one practises there treatments of hydrotherapy (marine course, hydromassant bath, relaxing bath, pediluve, shower with affusion, whirlpool baths with open sky, etc.), of relaxation, slimming or to be realized in hammam. Massages are performed on the entire body or on specific parts, indoors or facing the sea. We also don't forget to mention the beauty treatments, body and face, and the waxing which allow everyone to feel good about their body

A stay in this naturist vacation village in Corsica is also the occasion to take advantage of the numerous sports and outdoor activities. Riva Bella proposes sessions of gym on the ground, aquagym, archery, abdos-fessiers, Pilates, relaxation, longe-côte and bicycle courses to benefit from the beautiful surrounding nature.

Riva Bella is a great place to practice naturism. A domain that respects nature and allows everyone to live their nudity in a friendly atmosphere. A small enchanted parenthesis.