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Reims is a city steeped in history, Champagne wines and a rich geological heritage. In the Reims subsoil, about 200 km of sharpened crayons, Gallo-Roman or medieval, shelter about 250 million bottles of champagne. Now cellars with prestigious names (Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot...), many of them visit each other and remind us that the vine has always been cultivated in the area for religious purposes or out of taste. A brief historical reminder: at the end of the 14th century, the archbishops of Reims owned about forty hectares of vines and the wine trade was then subject to vinage and carrying rights. It should also be remembered that the city also has an impressive architectural richness. First of all, let us mention the cathedral, where most of the kings of France were crowned, the palace of the Tau which was the former palace of the archbishops, the Saint-Rémi basilica and its abbey: these are all monuments classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Today, Reims is attached to Champagne wine, its prestige and economic importance, which has done a lot, directly or indirectly, for the development of the city. It is now a dynamic city, well served, and in direct contact with Europe, north to Belgium, east to Germany.

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When to go to Reims? All year round, without hesitation! Through its monuments, its churches, its historical character, its cobbled streets, Reims is a city that has interest in all seasons. Champagne cellars are also open all year round, and many wine-related activities (cellar visits, tastings and oenology courses) are organised. Like many cities in eastern France, the Christmas season sees the city adorned with illuminations and Christmas markets. Finally, a demonstration commemorating the coronation of Charles VII attracts many curious people every year and this can be a very interesting opportunity to visit the city: the Johannine Festivals.

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When to go to Reims? All year round, without hesitation! Through its monuments, its churches, its historical characte...
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