A nice surprise awaits visitors who are about to go to the Château de Cheverny soon, as an incredible sculpture will take place in the gardens of the monument. It is a giant sculpture representing a French tricolor dog of the Cheverny pack, and the work is signed by Michel Audiard, a Tourangeau artist who is greatly appreciated throughout the world. Created by the artist and his collaborators in his foundry in Rochecorbon, the figures are staggering, as it took, among other things, 1,200 m of steel wire, 100 m2 of wire mesh, 3,000 m2 of glass cloth and 400 kg of resin to create it. The height of the sculpture is 3.50 m. For the owners of the site, the exhibition of this work is a beautiful way to celebrate the return to life of the castle after the period of confinement. More information on the Cheverny castle's website