The Château de Cheverny has belonged to the same family for over six centuries and enchants visitors with its remarkably preserved interior, furniture and decorations. The park, gardens and kennels are other features not to be missed. After having closed its doors due to the health crisis, the sublime seigneurial property in the Loir-et-Cher will once again welcome the public who will see how wonderfully the place was maintained during the period of confinement. In order to compensate for the losses linked to the closure, the castle has also joined the national operation Mousquetaires du patrimoine et de la culture, organised by Dartagnans. Anyone can order a solidarity presale online which entitles them to 10% extra purchasing power to be used for visits, products in the shop, drinks at the Orangery café or to rent one of the suites, all within 24 months of purchase. More information on the Château de Cheverny website