JUNE 10, 2018 at Cap'Ciné Blois (41) - FREE ENTRY to the wellness area from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.

In this atypical place, come and meet the actors of the Well-being: exposed stands, conferences, workshops, restoration, manual therapies, therapists, geobiology, sophology, shiatsu, relaxation, tchi kong, taishi, herbalist, naturopathy...

Take advantage of this SUNDAY to come with your loved ones to relax and offer you the best to preserve your daily well-being.

On-site parking is free and available.

In addition to this day of discovery, you will be able to attend a dozen lectures throughout the Sunday and participate in workshops in one of the movie theatres dedicated to this day. Admission to conferences or workshops is charged. Different themes will be on the agenda. These are privileged moments to deepen one's knowledge, learn and exchange.
Soon the programming and ticketing will be online on our site.

Info: [email protected]
06 35 15 79 56

Teaser of the Salons Au Coeur Du Bien-Être.
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