The town is built around the Loire Valley Navy and its castle, which is admirably enhanced both inside and outside, as well as its surroundings, thanks to the major investment of the Loiret General Council, owner of the premises. As early as the 10th century, this castle protected the town from aggression by monitoring the passage of the Loire River. The city was fortified at the beginning of the 14th century, with thick ramparts surrounding the current boulevards. There are some remains along the moat of the castle. The passage to the hands of the family of Béthune-Sully ensured, by the function of the illustrious minister of Henri IV, an obvious prosperity to the city. At that time, in 1716 exactly, Voltaire, then aged 22, stayed at the castle of Sully. He had been forced to leave Paris because of one of his escapades, a verbal impertinence towards the Regent. This was only the first time that this man of letters had been sidelined, and it was a catastrophe, but it was still better than the Bastille, which he nevertheless enjoyed from 1717 onwards. Although the castle withstood the last war, the town as a whole suffered a great deal and still bears the wounds. The history of Sully is also that of its bridge, destroyed many times and rebuilt many times: river floods, wars and even the cold, which caused its incredible collapse on 16 January 1985. The current construction, in concrete and steel, was inaugurated in September 1986, 20 months later. But goodbye to the beautiful stone columns...

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