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Restaurants Sicily : 328 Results

Practical information : Eating out Sicily


Sicily being a very touristic country, the traditional trattorias are usually open every day for lunch and dinner in the middle and high season. In winter, the opening hours change and some places close.

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

Small budget. From 10 to 20 € per person. You can always buy small Sicilian snacks on the go, quite hearty and cheap: arancini in particular, but also panini ... In case of hunger, a dish of lasagna, pasta or a good pizza is never very expensive. You can finish with an ice cream, you don't need to be rich to eat well in Sicily!

Average budget. From 25 to 40 € per person. The trattorias and traditional Sicilian restaurants are marvels of affordable gastronomy, similar to France. You can enjoy very hearty dishes washed down with good local wines. You can also share an antipasto or a dessert if you take a primi piatto and a segundo piatto.

Big budget. From 50 € per person. Gastronomic restaurants spread their beautiful white tablecloths in all the towns of Sicily. It's a real pleasure to enjoy the 6-course discovery menus to take advantage of the local flavours served in a refined kitchen. The wines can also be upmarket if you are looking for rare vintages or great Italian wines.

What costs extraWhat costs extra

In Italy, as you know, "bread and board" costs between €1.50 and €3 per person, and it is impossible not to pay. But for two decades now, the issue has been a controversial one, as it is an old practice that is no longer relevant. It is therefore now mandatory for restaurants to display this cost - and all extra costs - on the menu, in a clear manner. Similarly, the service charge of 20% must be mentioned as an additional cost on the menu. The French have the reputation of not leaving tips because, when they go to the cash register, they generally discover these additional costs in the pain, normally included in France in the "TTC" prices. But in reality, it is recommended to leave 1 or 2 € tip for the service, ditto for taxi drivers or tour guides.
Mineral water is standard in restaurants, it is automatically brought to the table. You will be asked if you want still or sparkling water, but not if you want tap water.

The local wayThe local way

The menu is divided into antipasti: starters, followed by primi piatti, fresh, homemade pasta dishes, or rice dishes (risottos). Then the secondi piatti menu: meat and fish, with contorni, the side dishes. And finally the dolci, the desserts. Eating everything is a challenge. You can also do as the Italians do in large tables: order several dishes and share everything!


Sicilians are very "family". Its place is so important that children are always welcome in all restaurants, places to visit, etc. Sicilians love children! They will often engage you in conversation about your children. Many hotels are "family friendly", offering family rooms, connecting rooms, and adapted self-catering apartments. But, on the contrary, some luxury boutique-hotels refuse children under 16 years old to avoid having children making bombs in the swimming pool by spraying Madame in the middle of her rest.


Restaurant terrace tables are generally in smoking areas. It is rare that a restaurant is completely non-smoking.

Tourist trapsTourist traps

In general, avoid restaurants that are too close to the main tourist attractions. Also avoid those that shoo customers down the street by accosting you with the menu. Good restaurants don't need such pushy techniques. Always check the restaurant's reputation on the Internet, it's easy: with one click today you can see right away if the restaurant has bad reviews. Finally, follow the advice of the Petit Futé to avoid being disappointed by your dishes!

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