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Conseil lecture - Émerveillement de Matthieu Ricard

New beautiful book by Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, with more than 100 exclusive photos and committed texts, which reminds us of the path to personal fulfilment, but also of the current ecological challenges. While previous books focused on the Himalayas where Matthieu Ricard has lived for almost 50 years, these photos take us around the world to Patagonia, Iceland or the Yukon (Canada). The main idea is to marvel at everything, at nothing, ...

Les plus beaux portraits du livre Parchemins d'ailleurs

Pascal Mannaerts, a photographer from Brussels, has been travelling the world for more than 15 years now. From India to Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Peru and Mongolia, his many travels have taken him to every continent and to more than 25 countries. Self-taught, it is in the field that his learning of photography was forged, as he met people and travelled many kilometres. It emanates an aesthetic and a strong alchemy, the fruit of his insatiable ...