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Top 10 des chutes d'eau/cascades les plus spectaculaires

Among the most impressive natural spectacles on earth, there is undoubtedly that of waterfalls and waterfalls. Faced with this powerful phenomenon, men feel immediately tiny. They are also amazed by so much splendour, between the water that sometimes flows from hundreds of metres above, the deafening noise and the beauty of the surrounding nature. To all those who have the opportunity to go to the foot of a waterfall during a trip, the time ...

10 paysages incroyables qui ne semblent pas provenir de notre planète

The land offers landscapes of breathtaking beauty. And some of them look like they're straight out of a science fiction movie. Soils, rocks, mountains, volcanoes, sometimes associated with the ocean, can form unexpected and unsuspected panoramas. These landscapes take place in the four corners of the globe, in Asia, Africa, Australia or South America, and arouse the curiosity of many travellers. Le Petit Futé has selected 10 natural ...

Le Yunnan, paysages époustouflants du Sud chinois

Yunnan is one of the most popular provinces for tourists in China. Just say the name and a whole lot of colours, aromas, landscapes and impressions come to mind. The Himalayan mountains, rice terraces, rainforests, festivals, local minority markets, bay architecture, Tibetan dances, remote villages and the ancient Tea and Horse Route are all images that jostle in the imagination and are experienced in Yunnan, where cycling remains the ...

Guilin et le Guangxi, dépaysement garanti aux confins de la Chine

Far from the skyscrapers and madness of Chinese megalopolises, welcome to the calm of the countryside! Far from a certain very Chinese homogeneity, welcome to plural China! Visiting South China, its charming villages and sublime countryside in exceptional landscapes and an astonishing variety, is therefore to immerse yourself in a millenary China and rich above all in its multiplicity. Visiting South China also means understanding two ...