Many company managers have to bring their employees together for seminars. The objectives are to strengthen the corporate culture, to motivate the troops, to facilitate communication between employees or to work on one or more specific topics. When organizing a seminar, the delicate question of the choice of the place arises. Rather than wasting precious time consulting the pages of each service provider, there is now a very simple solution to have visibility on several places and different quotes to compare. Finally, for all those who are wondering about the best place to organise a seminar in France, you will see that Paris and the Ile-de-France region offer multiple possibilities, for a working time that will not fail to bear fruit.

Ile-de-France, the ideal region for organising a company seminar

The Ile-de-France region is home to a large number of locations open to corporate seminars. The first thing to mention is Paris, which has hotels, coworking spaces, villas, rooftops, lofts and workshops with ideal configurations. It's simple, there are thousands of spaces that can host a seminar in Paris! Large, fully equipped meeting rooms, areas for meals, relaxation, terraces with a view, rooms for accommodation, you can find everything you want according to your needs, in various styles, from the most traditional to the most contemporary. The other advantage of being in Paris for a seminar is that it is easy to combine working time with activities. Outings to the great Parisian museums, artistic or cooking workshops, cultural events in the evening, the least we can say is that in the capital, the possibilities seem endless!

But the Ile-de-France region is not limited to Paris, and organising a seminar in the region can also lead employees and their managers to prestigious places located in the middle of nature. These places are perfect for working in complete serenity and far from the urban bustle if that is the objective of the event. You can find beautiful castles, manors, cottages and other large estates in departments such as Yvelines, Hauts-de-Seine or Seine-et-Marne. The vast majority of these places offer accommodation and catering directly on site, but also provide access to wooded parks where you can easily set up sports and leisure activities between two work sessions. Not forgetting the swimming pool and fitness area.

With the dynamism of Paris and the serenity of the natural environment in the neighbouring departments, the Ile-de-France region has everything you need to organise a seminar, whatever the programme and objectives.

How can you easily organise a seminar in the Paris Region?

Company managers who organise seminars in the course of their careers sometimes struggle to find the ideal venue. But rather than carrying out endless searches on the Internet, they can now turn to a search platform such as the one offered by Kactus, a practical 100% online tool.

The process is simple, with just a few clicks, you have access to the different structures available in the region of your choice. The pages include photos of the location, the configuration of the spaces with capacity, the facilities and equipment available, the rates, and the activities offered. After selecting the chosen formula (per day, for several days, etc.), we get an estimate of the overall price excluding VAT. The interest of the platform is that it gathers different partners proposing places at the best rates. In just a few hours, you will receive several quotes, and all you have to do is compare them to find the ideal venue, which of course fits into the budget for your event.