The best surf spots in France

Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner, summer is the ideal time to tame the wave! It would be wrong to think that it would take many kilometres to reach Australian or Californian beaches to get on your board: from the English Channel to the Atlantic Ocean, France has many surf spots. Of course, the Basque coast is famous all over the world for its powerful waves, surf beaches and international competitions, but it is not the only one! The Breton, Norman and Vendée coasts are also essential surf spots on the French coast. This summer, we're heading west to surf in complete peace of mind. Here is our ranking of the best surf spots only a few kilometers from your home!

Biarritz and its mythical Basque CoastBiarritz

is the cradle of surfing in Europe. Throughout the year, surfers from all over the world come to challenge its rollers in a unique atmosphere, worthy of the best Hawaiian or Californian surf spots. Among the unmissable sites, the Côte des Basques is often cited as one of the most beautiful beaches in France for the beauty of its setting, near the Villa Belza. It is here that surfing was born in Europe at the end of the 1950s, thanks to the so-called "Tontons surfeurs". Mythical!

The wild coast of Quiberon, the energy of the Great West

The wild coast of the Quiberon peninsula, in Morbihan, is one of the most famous surf and bodyboard spots in Brittany. The waves are particularly hollow and offer experienced surfers great opportunities. However, beware of the many rocks that could be dangerous! If you surf out of season, also know that the water can also be very fresh, don't forget your wetsuit!

Bud Bud Bud, the Vendée is on the rise

At the end of the Poitou Marsh, in the commune of Longeville-sur-Mer in the Vendée, is the Plage des Conches - Bud Bud Bud. If its name can make you smile, Bud plage is one of the most popular spots in the Vendée for surfing, longboarding or bodyboarding. Every year in October, the Bud Bud Bud Contest competition brings together the best surfers in Europe who come to compete in its turbulent waters

The North of Hossegor, land of champions

If you are just starting surfing, the beach in the north of Hossegor is not recommended: the waves are very high and the wind is strong. However, if you practice surfing well, it is the ideal place to practice in the Basque Country. It is preferable to practice the long board, at low tide, to best tame the violence of some rollers. The North hosts the World Surf Championships (WTC), an impressive show where the best surfers meet!

The Penmarch Torch, Brittany in vogue

With its 7 km of beach, Penmarch, in Finistère, is a paradise for holidaymakers, but also for surfers who are all heading for the Torch Beach. Facing due west, this spot is known for its powerful waves and low swell, ideal for beginners as well as experienced surfers who can train in its cool waters in all seasons. This year, the Torch hosted the World Surf League Junior Championship.

Lacanau-Océan, surfing in Gironde

Lacanau-Océan is the favourite beach for surfers in Bordeaux. Over the years, surfers and other ski schools have flourished there, to such an extent that Lacanau-Océan is now one of the most popular spots to surf in France. Every year in August, the Lacanau pro, one of the oldest and most prestigious surfing competitions in France, is held there. Is Lacanau on the way to dethroning Biarritz?

Le Moule de Damencourt, overseas spot

Guadeloupe is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in France. To find the best waves, you have to go to the Moule, more precisely to the spot of Damencourt. Under its wild air, surrounded by steep cliffs, Damencourt is one of the most popular beaches in Guadeloupe for surfing. Located on the Atlantic coast, its white sand is swept by high waves and a reasonable swell that allows professional and beginner surfers to train

La Sauzaie in Bretignolles-sur-Mer, a unique spot

La Sauzaie, in the Vendée, is a very prominent spot, because it is one of the few French reef-breaks. Indeed, waves break here on a rocky bottom - unlike the most frequent beach breaks and their sandy bottom. Its high waves make it the ideal place to surf: they have nothing to envy to the mythical scrolls of the Basque Country! Due to its rocky bottom, this spot is recommended for surfers who already have a good command of sliding

Étretat, glide on the Albâtre hillsideYou

didn't think you could surf in Normandy? Well, think again! The English Channel has its share of surprises in store, not far from the very famous aiguille d'Étretat, the land of Arsène Lupin, the gentleman burglar. We discover the natural beauty of this site and its white cliffs challenging the sea by taming the waves of the English Channel. While the water temperature is generally cool, the high waves will delight the least cold surfers, in a unique setting!


Cavaliers d'Anglet, at the onslaught of the wavesAnglet

and its region are often nicknamed "the little California of Europe" as the snowboarding trade has developed there: 40 surf brands have been born in the city in recent years. As in the whole Basque Country, surfing is part of everyday life and it is at the Cavaliers spot that snowboarding fans meet. This beach has seen many professional competitions and is world renowned, so it is very popular
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