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What to see, what to do Corsica?

The 10 good reasons to go Corsica


Varied and tasty wines

Around thirty grape varieties and eight PDO vineyards, to the delight of wine lovers

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A tradition of authentic hospitality

Corsican hospitality, sincere, without fuss, is the guarantee of an authentic experience.


A flight of all the senses

Scents of the maquis, Corsican songs and breathtaking views will delight all your senses.


A rich gastronomy

From charcuterie to cheese, the Corsican terroir can be enjoyed all year round.


A preserved and diversified coastline

With 1,000 km of coastline, there is more than one option for swimming and water sports.


An exciting heritage

From Prehistory to the Renaissance, there is more than one monument to discover


Varied marine activities

Diving, snorkeling, snorkeling, so many activities to enjoy the sea in all its states!


A rich and proud craft

From cutlery to ceramics, the symbol of a company attached to its know-how.


A strong musical culture

Between tradition and crossbreeding, it is punctuated by events throughout the year.


A nature playground

From rivers to creeks, the generous Corsican nature invites you to all kinds of leisure activities

What to visit Corsica?


Interview: My Corsica

with Noellie Andreucci

Noellie Andreucci is the daughter and granddaughter of farmers. A child of the land, who in turn became a passionate farmer. Settled for 5 years in her native village of Zevaco, she perpetuates the ancestral knowledge of her elders. The farm, which she manages with her companion, mainly produces charcuterie which they sell in short circuits at the farm or at the market.

See the video of the interview
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