Planning your vacation? It's time to juggle the choice of destination, financial considerations, availability, health news... This year, France has the wind in its sails. A good choice! Reasonable, attractive and full of resources. Do your accounts, track down promotions and bargains, plan your vacation while reducing your expenses.

Explore your own country. France hides nuggets to (re)discover. You can hike in the mountains, relax at the beach, take a trip in a trailer in the countryside, stay in natural parks, visit cities with a rich heritage. France has so much to offer you while reducing your expenses. As a bonus, you'll reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding air travel. Although a last minute promotion in the tropics is not bad either! In any case, going on the lookout for low prices can be part of the game

Why not Corsica?

The island of Beauty is an attractive destination. It's an exotic choice without changing country. Board a ferry from the Côte d'Azur for a night crossing with your car and wake up in Ajaccio or Bastia. Take advantage of Corsica Ferries' promotions to reduce the cost of your Corsican vacation with the Corsica Ferries promo code on summer bookings. And if you miss the boat, other promotions are available all year round. You can also opt for a Corsican itinerant stay by embarking with your bike for a portion or the whole of the new cycling circuit which crosses Corsica from north to south, marked out itinerary of the GT 20, Great crossing of Corsica by bike. You will enjoy sumptuous panoramas on the sea from the small mountain roads. It is better to have an electric bike, of course, and to avoid pedaling during the hottest hours. Those hours will be devoted to swimming in the Mediterranean! Stop by the tourist offices to find out about the various passes and packages available to tourists.

The choice of happy sobriety

You've understood that you don't need to take long flights to enjoy a dream vacation. Save yourself the fatigue of jet lag and the calculations to convert your currency. Take a breath, you're in France! Reduce your expenses by living naturally. Go hiking in the Alps, cycling in the Landes, camping in the Ardèche, staying on a farm... Buy your food at the markets and directly from the producers. Do as the locals do and buy your fruit by the whole crate

Observe the stars, trace your way from a local bistro to a farmhouse, from a room in the home to a rural gîte. Take advantage of last minute promotions in a nature campsite or a vacation village, track down advantageous offers for full board, take advantage of the discount coupons offered in tourist areas. Some are affixed on your windshield during a show or a weekly market. For a discovery of the local fauna and flora, consult the summer program of free animations in the sensitive natural areas of the departments. And to save money, surf the net in search of good deals in the country. Consult, for example, the websites of the Departments' and Regions' tourist offices. These sites highlight promotional offers, especially for families. Have a great vacation!