This island is a change of scenery! Come and live outside. Enjoy a generous and benevolent nature and a multitude of outdoor sports easily accessible. Come to dive, swim, hike, climb, fly, pedal, paddle, sail, fish... Enjoy the white water and the sea bed, the walking and cycling routes, the climbing routes and the canyon circuits. Corsica offers an outdoor terrain for all levels, all ages, all budgets and all seasons.

As Corsica is a mountain plunging into the sea, you can practice a wide range of water sports as well as all mountain sports. Of course, some outdoor activities are less enjoyable in the middle of winter. You might not go swimming in the sea in December, but diving with a good wetsuit might be a good idea, or snowshoeing to the snowy peaks. During the summer months, a wide variety of outdoor sports activities are included in the catalogues of tourism professionals. Follow the GT20 cycling routes linking the various regions of the island, take the GR20, a great classic hiking route that crosses the island via the peaks, follow other marked trails, including these thematic trails to discover the scrubland, the vineyards or the citrus orchards. The climate and landscapes of Corsica allow a multitude of outdoor activities, easily accessible, more or less sporty, and whose pleasures vary from one season to another.

Everyone in the water!

Corsica offers you heavenly beaches, wild creeks, cliffs in the water, a whole magnificent coastline where you can practice your favourite water sports, from simple swimming to kite-surfing and jet-skiing. Take advantage of an exceptional environment to plan scuba diving trips with spots renowned for their biodiversity or to surf on seductive waves in a paradisiacal landscape. It's great fun in the water, underwater and, of course... on the water! Because Corsica is also the pleasure of sailing and sport fishing. Sailing enthusiasts will enjoy sailing around the island, or at least a portion of it, with stopovers in the most beautiful bays or small wild creeks.

Big game fishing is practiced in Corsica from spring to mid-August. In the Gulf of Palenco, off Propriano, for example, with L'escale, an organisation that offers big game fishing or coastal fishing trips For big game fishing, baiting is done between two waters to locate and attract pelagic species, i.e. those living in waters close to the surface, such as tuna, bonito, amberjack, dentex, groupers, sea bream and other breams. The technique consists of placing rods at different depths. For inshore fishing, you embark at the port of Propriano, usually at the end of the day, for half an hour of navigation before arriving on the area. Your boat then stops for a baiting on the bottom. Your guide and fishing instructor will provide you with advice and all the necessary equipment for good fishing. Each fisherman positions his rod and watches it. It's a lot of fun, because depending on the season, the weather or the equipment, the catches can be very varied: sars, pikelets, paddles, capons, rock fishes... A good fish soup is yours!

Torrents and mountains

There is not only the sea, but also the white water, which offers many pleasures and emotions. The interior of the island, from valleys to massifs, is an exceptional terrain for outdoor sports and relaxation. Head for the centre of the island in search of the most tumultuous torrents and the most sporting descents. Many professionals will take you, especially from Corte, including Altipiani or in Terra Corsa in the Monte Cinto massif, the Asco and Golo valleys These two structures offer many other outdoor sports activities.

As you make your way to the summits through the Corsican Regional Nature Park, from mountain pastures to ridges, you will be in a breathtakingly preserved environment. Look out for the most beautiful panoramas and all the mountain biodiversity, both in terms of fauna and flora, that this island has to offer. Do you want adrenaline? That's possible too! Corsica attracts not only those who love sun and relaxation on the sand, short coastal walks or quiet cruises in the calanques, but also those who are very sporty.

Extreme sports and strong sensations

Here the mountaineers accumulate altitude differences and confront vertiginous rock faces. Via ferrata and tree climbing courses challenge young and old. Similarly, some canyoning routes require excellent physical conditions and great sporting skills. Cycle tourism contributes with passes from north to south to complete the 600 km of the GT20, from Bastia to Bonifacio, with a total of 9,500 m of ascent! Thrill-seekers can also find a few sites for bungee jumping, notably in the Ospedale forest, near Porto-Vecchio.

Other aerial thrills are also on the programme. Parachute or paraglide? Dare to take the plunge between the sea and the mountains. 40 seconds of free fall before a flight under sail for a few minutes, in tandem with an instructor, and discover Corsica from above with the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the beaches and cliffs, the scrubland and the peaks. Another version, a little more quiet: the first flight in a tandem microlight flying over the landscapes of Corsica, mountains and green valleys together. An aerial escapade and great flying sensations for unforgettable memories, this from Ajaccio or Propriano. Leave without fear, professionals offer you these strong sensations, in complete safety. All in all, rich in its grandiose nature, it is a whole range of sports and outdoor activities that contribute to the charm of Corsica.

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