Stop running! You are in Corsica. Rejuvenate in a land that is good for you. Come out of season. Choose gentle itineraries and less frequented routes. Enjoy the local producers. Enjoy nature, swim, dive, climb! Meditate on the beauty of the landscape and let yourself be pampered.

The luxury of an authentic Corsica

The island of beauty offers you the possibility of concocting your itinerary and your stay to measure within the framework of an ecotouristic approach. Opt for a comforting slow tourism, alternative to the big tourist structures, away from the most frequented sites and circuits. Corsica is a perfect destination for green holidays, valuing a preserved nature, against consumerism. This is because this island has kept its character and its know-how. So forget the rush, and efficiency at any cost. Corsica invites you to take your time during a stay of relaxation and pleasure. You will be well advised to approach it out of the tourist season since the climate allows it and it is a territory where one lives all year round. The crossroads will give you the opportunity to meet friendly people, to enjoy typical flavours and meditative viewpoints. Corsica lends itself to a discovery at the mercy of the wind. All you need to do is adopt a few rules of (good) living and judicious options: find local producers, stay with locals, take cooking or pottery courses, make an appointment for a hammam, visit a traditional brewery in Calvi, an essential oil producer on the eastern coast or an award-winning olive oil producer, take advantage of a sensory wine tourism trip in Balagne, So many authentic and delightful experiences.

The choice of gentle travel

Slow tourism has the good taste to favour transport that minimises your carbon footprint. Opt for public transport, such as the little train of the maquis which links Ajaccio to Bastia via the mountains of the Corsican regional nature park, at low speed and using remarkable engineering structures. This trinichellu offers 4 return trips per day and a single class for all. Make a stopover on this rail route to follow a portion of the GR20 hiking trail that runs from the north to the south of the island. You can also follow the GT20 - Grande Traversée de la Corse à vélo - from Bastia to Bonifacio. You pedal on roads with little traffic, revealing more beautiful panoramas, numerous natural treasures and some of the jewels of Corsica's heritage. Another option is to go sailing, with or without a skipper, from one charming anchorage to another to enjoy the coastal splendours. Horseback riding also offers great sensations

The choice of short circuits

Whatever your means of travel, itinerant or not, you can satisfy your appetite for local products. From one season to another, from one end of the island to the other, Corsica will delight you with its generous and authentic cuisine. The restaurateurs and the tables d'hôtes privilege the local products with pride and generosity. You have the opportunity to share boards of Corsican cheeses and charcuterie or to enjoy freshly caught grilled fish in a beach hut. Depending on the season, you will be offered red tuna, lobster, brocciu, mushrooms and chestnuts... It is a local cuisine that you will discover, simple and honest, sometimes gastronomic and nicely inspired. For your picnics, the delicatessens and producers you find along your route are precious partners. Sometimes a freshly picked tomato with a good olive oil will be enough to make you happy. Add figs, almonds, a melon, Corsican biscuits... To make sure you don't get the wrong address and take advantage of the shortest routes, follow the Authentic Senses route, This will show you the best producers and craftsmen in each region of the island. Initiated by ODARC, the Corsican Agricultural and Rural Development Office, the Authentic Senses route selects in particular farms offering PDO, PGI or AB certified products. On the menu, honeys, brocciu, delicatessen, wines, olive oil, chestnut flour, clementines, pomelos, hazelnuts..

Outdoor activities and well-being

With the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, Corsica invites you to take advantage of numerous outdoor activities, nautical, seaside, alpine, more or less sporty. Go to the Ospedale forest. Enjoy a swim in the cool waters of the mountain streams or lakes. The more sporty will opt for canyoning in white water. In Corsica, scuba diving also offers some great discoveries. On the coast and in the mountains, the island has some jewels in store for you, from the Scandola nature reserve to the Bavella peaks, via the Agriates desert. Discover the island's biodiversity on the trails or during thematic stays on the local fauna and the wild plants of the maquis. And if you need to be pampered, you can choose from a number of exceptional wellness areas that focus on organic cosmetics and offer a wide range of massages from around the world, not forgetting the thermal waters and bubbling baths in hotels and an increasing number of guest houses. Your pleasure and relaxation are among the priorities of Corsica's tourism professionals. A chance!

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