This tourist destination is a superlative! It is a festival of pearls and jewels, a succession of beaches and superb natural sites, charming villages and majestic monuments, quality producers and craftsmen. Numerous opportunities for varied, luxurious, original and privileged discoveries...

The Corsica of beaches, coastal sailing and small steamers

Thus Corsica excels in all fields. Nature or heritage version, gourmet or festive, it offers sure values, must-sees and some unusual nuggets. Many visitors come for its beaches and seaside pleasures. They are not disappointed! The Corsican coastline offers beaches of white sand or black pebbles, surrounded by limestone cliffs or granite points. At the top of the list: Palombaggia beach, but also those of Arone, Lavazzu, Lotu and Saleccia, Nonza, Ostriconi, Tamarone. We can also reveal more confidential attractions. Dare to explore Corsica by sailboat, sailing from a charming marina to a wild anchorage. Whether you have your own sailboat or you decide to rent one on the spot, with or without a skipper, sailing around the island of Beauty is always an enchantment. The coastline offers many sumptuous anchorages, particularly opposite the superb beaches of the Agriates in the Corsican Cape.

Another typical means of transport: the trichellu, a small train in the maquis, with low speed but great landscapes, a historic train covering 232 km inland from Ajaccio. This picturesque little train crosses the island from north to south, through the mountains of the Corsican regional nature park, at 40 km/h. It is a whole atmosphere and a parade of magnificent landscapes. More than 50 years of work were necessary for its realization. From tunnels to bridges, it is a succession of technical feats, including the Vecchio bridge, which reaches 94 m above the void. Stopover in Bocogagno, in the heart of a forest of oaks and chestnut trees, or in Vizzavona (hiking, waterfalls, canyoning, accrobranche), then Corte and its citadel, near the Restonica valley (hiking, swimming in the torrents). Departure for Bastia through the vineyards and the nature reserve of the pond of Biguglia. The trinichellu is 4 round trips per day and a single class for all. Without stop, the journey Ajaccio/Bastia lasts 3h30, Calvi/Ajaccio, 3h40. In summer, the train of the scrubland is full!

A wild and festive Corsica

Corsica offers its maquis and a great variety of biotopes, from the Mediterranean coast to the Alpine summits, from the desert of Agriate to the running waters of the mountain torrents, sea beds to the limestone cliffs, flowering mountain pastures, oak or chestnut forests. It is a remarkable composition of canyons, gorges, coastline with pink, red, grey granite rocks, schists, the richness of a delta where fresh water mixes with sea water, the beauty of the design of the Bavella peaks in the sky. From the Agriate Desert in the north to the Lavazzi Islands in the south, it is a succession of landscapes and reserves of exceptional biodiversity on this island where nature has kept its rights. Among the jewels: the Pozzines de Coscione, the Calanche de Piana and the Scandola Nature Reserve, the Fango valley or the Baracci canyons.

Throughout the year, village festivals and city events, fairs, celebrations or festivals, enliven Corsica. Of course, in summer, the events are even more numerous, but it is also the most touristic period. Other seasons are more conducive to calm and authenticity. On the island, there are many opportunities to meet and celebrate, whether it is chestnuts or hazelnuts, farm cheeses or sea urchins, not forgetting the new olive oil. Check the local diaries to find a medieval festival, rock or jazz festivals, fashion or cinema events, etc. As for the religious festivals, they are still as fervent as ever, whether it is the feast of the Virgin Mary, on 15 August, with its luminous lanterns, or the sumptuous processions of Holy Week. Whether secular, religious, gourmet or cultural, all these events welcome visitors

Charming routes across the island

For an itinerary, you have the choice of charming routes. The pedestrian version with the famous GR20, a hiking and mountain trail linking the north and south of the island, and the cyclist version with the GT20 - Grande Traversée de la Corse à vélo -, a new itinerary, from one end of Corsica to the other, from Bastia to Bonifacio. The stages of the GT20 follow low-traffic roads revealing the most beautiful panoramas, revealing the natural wealth and some jewels of Corsica's heritage. You can also take the route des Sens authentiques,, a journey to the heart of rural and talented Corsica, dotted with addresses selected for their interest and quality. This route is marked by hundreds of signs across all the regions of the island. Initiated by ODARC, the Corsican Agricultural and Rural Development Office, it indicates farms offering PDO, PGI or AB certified products: honeys, brocciu, delicatessens, wines, olive oil, chestnut flour, clementines, pomelos, hazelnuts... Added to its inventory are artists, art craftsmen, farmer-aubergists, essential oil distillers...

Along the way, a few starred restaurants will offer Corsican gastronomy and wine tourism will make its contribution with the original activities of the wine growers. All in all, it is a completely hedonistic itinerary to which the island invites you.

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