It is not for nothing that it is nicknamed the Island of Beauty! In the south of France, in the heart of the Mediterranean, Corsica enchants us. This mountain island offers a rare natural heritage, a strong identity and an authentic culture, not to mention a crystal clear sea. We go there to sail, chat, swim, dive, surf, hike.... We meditate in front of the sumptuous beauty of the landscapes, we indulge in idleness without which Corsica cannot really appreciate itself. We take the time for an aperitif, a meal of Corsican delicacies that continues from palaver to tasting. A miniature continent, Corsica offers a wide variety of landscapes and its exotic, gourmet and sunny cuisine all year round. Wild and welcoming at the same time, preserved but open, dignified and voluptuous, sweet and rough, Corsica is unique and generates as many strong emotions as surprises. Among the island's must-see beaches are Porto-Vecchio, Cap Corse and Calvi, Bastia and Bonifacio, the citadel of Corte, the museum of Aléria and its archaeological site. The magnificent Bavella massif, on the other hand, attracts hikers and climbers. You should visit the Fesch Palace, the Ajaccio Fine Arts Museum, the Lavazzi Islands nature reserve, not to mention going upwind, stopping off in the villages, meeting the producers of jams, cold meats or Corsican cheeses. And why not attend a workshop to discover essential oils or learn about the Corsican language...

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With its privileged Mediterranean climate, Corsica offers sunny days ideal for walks and visits even in winter. In January/February, you have the choice: enjoy sea urchins on the beach, swim in water at an average temperature of 14°C or enjoy the snow in one of its ski resorts (the island is mountainous, let's remember). Those who are chilly will wait until spring when sea water rises to 20°C and reach 27°C in summer. The island boasts 59 days of sunshine in summer! The tourist influx is then at its peak on the coast, in creeks, on hiking trails, in cultural sites... During the summer months, coastal cities enjoy a sea breeze that reduces the feeling of heat and cools the atmosphere. And the mountain is never far away with its more temperate nights. Tourist offers are more numerous in summer and Air Corsica, which links all French regions, breaks prices. However, those who have the choice will prefer the less frequented, less hot and quieter inter-seasons. You can enjoy the beach and swim until the end of October. And don't miss the Bocognano Chestnut Fair (December).

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When to travel?

With its privileged Mediterranean climate, Corsica offers sunny days ideal for walks and visits even in winter. In Ja...
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Corsica enjoys a pleasant climate all year round. With a Mediterranean climate, at a southern latitude, the island ha...
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