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10 ideas for trips by train or bus in the Centre-Val de Loire region

The Centre-Val de Loire region is the garden of France and is full of wonders, both architectural and natural. Territory of the kings of France, we travel through history by visiting its castles, its medieval cities, its villages, its cathedrals and other ancestral buildings. Crossed by the majestic Loire River whose banks are exceptionally well preserved, one can also discover a green nature with forests, vineyards and a number of rural areas where one can hike endlessly. The Centre-Val de Loire is also a region where life is good, a land of great wines, good local products, festivals and culture. The Rémi Interurban Mobility Network offers visitors an easy way to move from one town to another and from one department to another. All this with advantageous formulas and by minimizing its carbon footprint. Want to discover this wonderful region that is the Centre-Val de Loire? Here are 10 ideas of escapades to do by train or by bus Rémi

1- Château du Clos-Lucé - Château de Chambord day trip

What if we juggled between train and shuttle bus to discover two jewels of the Centre-Val de Loire region? The journey starts in Tours in Indre-et-Loire and ends in the charming medieval city of Amboise, whose Italian-inspired castle proudly overlooks the most royal of French rivers. It is in this town that you will find the Clos-Lucé, the last residence of Leonardo da Vinci, surrounded by a green park and where you can visit his bedroom, his workshops and other rooms with models. A dive into the heart of the life of this multi-talented artist. We then join Blois in the Loir-et-Cher to take the shuttle that leads to the most flamboyant of the Loire castles: Chambord. Its exceptional façade, its innumerable chimneys, its French garden and the extent of the domain fascinate whoever sets foot there. The Chambord castle is a monumental work of art that never ceases to reveal its secrets

2- Day trip to Blois with the Maison de la Magie and the Fondation du doute

Blois is one of the cities on the banks of the Loire with a rich heritage and a varied cultural offer. Once you have reached the prefecture of Loir-et-Cher by train, a first stop can be made at the Maison de la Magie, the only public museum to bring together magic collections and permanent live shows in Europe. This place, which seduces parents and children, invites them to discover the history of magic, the life and work of the magician Robert-Houdin, without forgetting the original exhibitions, the amazing optical illusions and the shows that will blow your mind. The second stopover is at the Fondation du doute, another amazing cultural place in Blois. This space, run by the artist Ben, brings together a fine collection of artworks based on the Fluxus movement. It also offers workshops and temporary exhibitions. The Fondation du doute is a fascinating place to discover in the Centre-Val de Loire region for all contemporary art lovers

3- Two days and a visit to the Foulon Caves, the Ferté-Saint-Aubin castle and the Beauval ZooPark

During these two days that lead the travelers to alternate between bus and train Rémi and to cross the borders of several departments, the adventure begins with the Caves of Foulon in Châteaudun. These limestone caves dug millions of years ago by the runoff of water are a precious heritage of prehistory. The only caves in the world where one can observe thousands of marine geodes sheltering prints of aquatic animals crystallized in quartz and chalcedony. Then, we continue with the castle of La Ferté-Saint-Aubin, superb building in the Loiret that we visit from the cellar to the attic, without forgetting the stables and the park. We discover there superb furnished rooms and the attic of the toys. In summer, you can even take part in a race of enigmas in outside. After a night's rest, head for the Loir-et-Cher and the Beauval ZooPark for a day in one of the most beautiful zoos in the world. The great diversity of animals and the presence of giant pandas, the equatorial dome, the shows and other activities to discover the animal life, the place is an unmissable destination in Centre-Val de Loire.

4- Day in Berry with the abbey of Noirlac and the lake of Virlay

On the banks of the Cher River, the superb Cistercian abbey of Noirlac offers a journey to the heart of nine centuries of history. It is one of the best preserved monastic complexes in France and its elements such as the heart of the abbey, the stained glass windows of Noirlac and the new gardens fascinate the walkers. The place also comes alive during the high season with conferences, thematic discoveries and various shows. What better way to continue this peaceful day than to reach a corner of nature classified in part Natura 2000? The lake of Virlay in Saint-Amand-Montrond offers a 4 km long family walk. This is an opportunity to learn about the rich local biodiversity, with the possibility of scanning the QR codes present on the twenty or so panels on the site

5- Two days in Berry and Loiret with the House of Sancerre, Montargis and the castle of La Ferté-Saint-Aubin

From Bourges, a Rémi bus takes you to one of the most beautiful villages in the Cher region, elected in 2021 as the "Village Préféré des Français", that of Sancerre. This picturesque village, which sits on a rocky outcrop and overlooks a remarkable natural environment, is renowned for its exceptional wine. In the heart of the village, the Maison des Sancerre offers a fun and interactive way to discover the history of the wine growers. The program includes a museum, a terrace with a view, an aromatic garden and, of course, wine tasting! After having joined Montargis by train Rémi, we begin the following day with a stroll in the one that we nickname the Venice of Gâtinais. A guide will reveal the history and the secrets of each street on the water and of the heritage of the various historical districts. The afternoon continues with a visit to the castle of La Ferté-Saint-Aubin, which we praised earlier in this article

6- Day trip in the Orléans region with the castles of La Ferté-Saint-Aubin and Meung-sur-Loire

From the capital of the Loiret, the Rémi train leads to the jewels of heritage in the department. After a morning visit of the different rooms of the castle of La Ferté-Saint-Aubin and a tasting in the historical kitchens, we go to Meung-sur-Loire to see "the castle with two faces", because of its facades built in two different periods. Former residence of the bishops of Orleans, a building that has welcomed personalities such as Louis XI and Joan of Arc, the 20 furnished rooms retrace a life made up of a thousand events. More than 2,000 objects are on display, from the basement to the attic. The castle of Meung-sur-Loire has a lot to offer, including unusual experiences!

7- Day trip to Montargis and the contemporary art center Les Tanneries

It takes less than an hour to get to Montargis by Rémi bus from Orléans, and what a pleasure it is to go for a walk in the heart of this city in the Loing valley. 131 bridges and footbridges, an air of Venice that will seduce lovers of river atmosphere and beautiful heritage. Later, a city bus takes you to Amilly to discover the contemporary art center Les Tanneries. A rehabilitated industrial site, visitors can enjoy 2,500 m² of exhibition space, not to mention the Sculpture Park. Les Tanneries offers several fascinating exhibitions per year and workshops to discover artistic practices, so the program is worth a close look. There is also the municipal art school of Amilly

8- Day trip to the Briare bridge-canal

In Centre-Val de Loire, traveling with your bike offers many experiences. The crossing of the Briare canal-bridge is one of them. This metallic jewel built in the Eiffel style spans the Loire and reveals on 660 m long no less than 72 lamp posts. You can also enjoy splendid views of the royal river. It is also the occasion to take small roads to reach the city of Gien, where the new museum of the Faïencerie and the castle-museum of the Hunt are located, this last one being part of the numerous buildings of the Centre-Val de Loire to proudly dominate the most bucolic river of France.

9- Visit of the castles of the Counts of Perche and Maintenon

The Rémi train that connects Chartres to Nogent-le-Rotrou allows you to get closer to the fascinating castle of the Counts of Perche, which overlooks the valley of Huisme and is composed of a gigantic rectangular keep of 30 m high, extended by a wall defended by seven towers. This splendid building hosts a museum 3.0 retracing the history of the Perche through objects such as weapons, armors and coins. Later on, direction Maintenon by train to discover another castle. The Maintenon castle is marked by the various architectural tastes of its different occupants, including those of Françoise d'Aubigné who had it enlarged in her time to receive the Sun King. A richly furnished building, in addition to being surrounded by a French garden which one guesses at once that it can only have been thought by Le Nôtre

10- Two days and visit the castles of Maintenon, Meung-sur-Loire and Paris

The Rémi transportation network in the Centre-Val de Loire region not only allows you to get close to the architectural marvels of the Maintenon and Meung-sur-Loire castles to discover their flamboyant architecture and history. From Orléans, it is also possible to reach Paris-Austerlitz in less than an hour to enjoy all that the French capital has to offer with its museums, its emblematic monuments and its cafés that embroider lively streets. Over two days, you can easily go from Orleans to Meung-sur-Loire, then from Orleans to Paris-Austerlitz, and finish with a trip from Paris-Montparnasse to Maintenon.

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