There are few places that you come back from and think you're bound to go back. Indeed, it is impossible to say that we "made" Greece, as each territory is so different. Connoisseurs know it well: Greece is not limited to the Cyclades and its little white houses. Travellers are not mistaken: in 2017, the number of international tourists broke new records, exceeding 30 million visitors, a further increase of 15% over the previous year. The French market alone is estimated at nearly 2 million visitors. Apart from the islands - which are also very pleasant - mainland Greece offers many other facets: archaeological sites and monuments classified by Unesco, but also landscapes of breathtaking wilderness, sometimes hostile, sometimes hospitable, always grandiose. Still unknown to tourists, regions such as Thrace or Macedonia have managed to remain authentic and full of surprises. But if we really feel in the East in the West, the Venetians remember us in Epirus like the Franks do in the Peloponnese. Here, sea and mountains live in perfect harmony, so what a pleasure it is to combine the exercise of hiking with the pleasure of swimming! Especially since temperatures can be different on the coast, even out of season ...
For this trip, you'll have to force yourself not to plan too much, because in Greece, it's as much of a challenge as it sounds! Leave your watch in the suitcase, it will only serve to irritate you. The motto of the Greeks is not to rush anything: siga, siga! So keep in mind that a game on TV or an impromptu siesta are sometimes sufficient arguments to justify a bus delay or the exceptional closure of a museum. Relax, treat yourself to dreamy moments in landscapes full of emotions, enjoy a sunset on a beach, a starry night to the sounds of cicadas... Sit for a few hours on the terrace of a café and watch the Greeks play tavli, the backgammon variant they love. Let yourself be surprised by the flavours cooked by the yayas (grandmothers) in the taverns. Go out without counting, starting with an aperitif with ouzo and mezzedes facing the sea, and prolong your evening to the intoxicating sound of a bouzouki . Like all the people there, take your time to live! You'll be amazed how we all have something Greek in us. Kalos irthate ("Welcome to Greece")!

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Greece is currently going through a serious economic crisis of unprecedented proportions. Since May 2010, austerity measures aimed at bailing out the State's coffers have been voted one after the other: lower wages and pensions, higher taxes, a multiplication of various taxes, flexibility of employment contracts, etc. This "cure" suffered by the population resulted in a dramatic drop in consumption and the closure of many businesses across the country. Tourism seems to have resumed in the summer of 2013 after a slowdown in 2012, leading to numerous closures. Today, the market has stabilized again and the addresses presented in this guide have been checked one by one. However, we advise you not to venture into a remote area without first contacting the establishment. Just in case!

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