Let yourself be seduced by former Dutch Guiana, one of the smallest nations in South America. Located in the north of Brazil and the west of Guyana, Suriname has a very rich biodiversity and a unique culture.
The Amazon rainforest covers nearly 95% of the country and offers nature lovers the opportunity to explore virgin territory and observe lush flora and fauna. Successive governments have understood the value of this wealth and have tried to preserve it by establishing nature reserves and parks accessible to the public, to the delight of scientists and nature lovers. Suriname also has other stunning natural environments, such as the mangrove swamp with its red ibis, the beach and its sea turtles.
The other component of the country's wealth comes from its population of diverse origins: Hindustani, Creoles, Amerindians, Javanese, Chinese, descendants of African slaves but also of Dutch settlers, all living in tolerance and respect. It is also an opportunity to meet communities that still live in close harmony with nature, such as the Amerindians inland, or the Black-Brown people along the rivers, and to discover their traditions and ancestral knowledge.
This kaleidoscope of ethnicities confers an undeniable richness to the country, which can also pride itself on its capital, Paramaribo. The city's unique colonial architecture, with its large white wooden houses reminiscent of Louisiana, has earned it World Heritage status from UNESCO. But "Parbo" is also a dynamic city, with its many restaurants offering international cuisine, its abundant nightlife and its many casinos.
Suriname is a small country that does not leave anyone indifferent and travellers in search of a change of scenery and adventure will be delighted...

Grégory André

Thank you. Monique Pawirosemito and Talisha van Leeuwaarde of the Suriname Tourism Foundation, Ronny Bhoelai and Kendrick of All Suriname Tours, Lizet van Velzen of Waterproof Suriname, Glenn de La Petite Maison, Tim de Bijna Thuis, Morgane Lescot, and of course Lisa André and Belen Figueroa for their support.

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