10 destinations where the weather is fine all year round

While summer is still struggling to arrive in France, some countries enjoy an optimal level of sunshine all year round. Perfect to boost your morale by taking a break in the sun, the destinations we have chosen will enchant you with their landscapes and weather. So don't forget to lighten up your suitcases, take your bathing suits and sunscreen with you: idleness on the beach and a picnic in the sun await you! From islands to metropolises, from Hawaii to Rio de Janeiro and Marrakech, these destinations will please everyone and offer beautiful surprises from both a cultural and natural point of view. Here are 10 destinations where the weather is fine all year round, ideal for travelling in summer and winter!

Queensland, an incredible range of colours

If you're depressed by the grey weather, it's time to pack your bags for Queensland. This northeastern Australian state is a true colour palette where the orange bush lands, the blue of the Pacific Ocean and the green of the tropical rainforests blend together. Queensland, the quintessential Australian beauty, is bordered by the Great Barrier Reef and has a large number of heavenly islands such as Fitzroy Island. A not inconsiderable plus: it is also nicknamed the Australian Sunshine State: the sun will be there!

Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful

Fevery, bewitching and paradoxical, one thing is for sure, Rio de Janeiro does not leave anyone indifferent! From its splendid beaches like Copacabana to its lush forest watched over by Christ the Redeemer, Brazil's second largest city is a little jewel bathed in sunshine all year round. Be sure that you will find a smile here with the Cariocas, always ready to dance and celebrate, Carnival or not!

Marrakech, oriental beauty

To find the sun all year round, it is not necessary to cross oceans: in only 3 hours of flight from Paris, Marrakech enjoys a record rate of sunshine and mild temperatures all year round. Visiting this thousand-year-old city means immersing yourself in its medina, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, strolling through its souks and marvelling at the beauty of its Hispano-Moorish architecture. The ideal place to find the sun just a few hours away by flight!

Cape Verde, a mysterious archipelago

Still protected from mass tourism, Cape Verde is an archipelago of ten wild islands located in western Senegal, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Its lush vegetation and dream beaches bathed in sunlight make Cape Verde a choice destination all year round. It will delight not only lovers of idleness, but also hikers, especially during the ascent of the Fogo volcano, which is still active

Florida, the Sunshine State

If there is one American state where the weather is fine, it is Florida! This state, known as the Sunshine State, enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine per year! Its sumptuous beaches and protected natural areas such as the Everglades make it a very popular destination, which satisfies all travellers. From the flashy Miami to the crazy amusement parks of Orlando and the beautiful Keys Archipelago and its wild islands, all types of stays are indeed possible in Florida

Dubai, a spectacular destination

If you have the madness of grandeur, Dubai will amaze you. Capital of Dubai, the city of the same name combines oversized skyscrapers, luxury boutiques and palaces. It shows the Burj Khalifa, 830 m high and considered to be the highest human structure in the world. Under the ever-present sun, the trendiest capital of the Middle East is the meeting place for the international jet-set. An excursion into the desert around Dubai allows you to discover the natural beauties of the state

The Canary Islands, a seaside paradise

Very popular with summer visitors, the Canary Islands are bathed in the sun all year round. Off the western coast of Morocco, this Spanish archipelago offers beautiful beaches, especially in Fuerteventura, and amazing volcanic landscapes in La Palma. A wide range of activities are possible in the archipelago, from diving on El Hierro Island to whale and dolphin watching. Sunny islands at 4 hours flight from Paris, what better way to escape the grayness?

Hawaii, flower necklace and white sand

How can we not succumb to this American archipelago, in the middle of the Pacific? Hawaii makes you dream, both for its natural beauty and its traditions. To the sound of the ukulele, you will enjoy a heavenly stay in one of the sunniest states in the United States. Honolulu the festive will delight the night owls, surfers will prefer Haleiwa. On the cultural side, Pearl Harbor deserves a visit for its crucial importance during the Second World War

Fiji Islands, idleness in the Pacific

Fiji is an idyllic island that is a real postcard of the South Pacific. In total, the archipelago has more than 300 islands bordered by sumptuous beaches, coconut palms and tropical forests. No wonder Fiji is so popular with the newlyweds for their honeymoon! Diving enthusiasts will also discover beautiful coral reefs. Viti Levu is the largest of the Fiji Islands, the gateway to the archipelago and home to 75% of the population

Belize, jewel of Central America

Often unknown, Belize is located between Mexico and Guatemala. Bordered by the world's second largest coral reef, it is a concentrate of natural splendours. Its white sandy beaches, lush vegetation found at Mountain Pine Ridge Forest, and rich seabed are among the main assets of this sunny destination. In terms of culture, the Mayan civilization has left some very beautiful remains, which can be found in the "Museum of Belize" in Belize city.

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