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The most unusual activities to do around the world. Will you try number 2?

On a weekend or during the holidays, some people like to spend time on the beach or to walk in a beautiful natural area. But for others, holidays are synonymous with unusual experiences, even those that offer maximum thrills! Sleeping in the middle of nowhere, taking a bungee jump or a parachute jump, or even getting close to some impressive animal species. There are indeed a multitude of possibilities to thrill in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Do you too need to feel the adrenaline rush and want to experience something incredible on your next trip, which will eventually happen? Then here are the 10 most unusual activities to do around the world

1- Sleeping in a yurt in the middle of the steppe in Mongolia

Sleeping in the middle of a rural landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see, with no other noise than that of nature and the animals that inhabit it, is not obvious for everyone. It is however an unforgettable experience to live in a yurt in Mongolia. You can go to the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, where the hilly and green landscape is a call to relaxation. It is here that you can stay in a traditional Mongolian yurt, which was for a long time the main habitat of the population. Today, the nomads continue to use it in the country. All the comforts are there, you just have to be comfortable with the idea of sleeping in the middle of nowhere, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and its infrastructure

2- A bungee jump over a volcano in Chile

Bungee jumping is one of those activities that get your adrenaline going. It is not easy to jump from a height of several meters. If jumping from a bridge has become a common thing all over the world, Chile offers a rather unusual experience: that of bungee jumping above the Villarrica volcano, which is not far from the city of Pucón. Before doing so, you board a helicopter and once you reach the top of the crater, you dive into it, at an altitude of 2,847 m! The particularity is that you can see the lava and that the volcano smokes

3- Kayak among the whales in Alaska

The Inside Passage in Alaska is one of the best places in the world to observe humpback whales. In addition to being in the heart of beautiful landscapes, it is here that you can embark on a kayak to paddle in the middle of these impressive creatures which on average weigh 30 tons and are 14 meters long. There is no risk, the animals are not there to capsize visitors or hurt them, but when the whales pass close to the boat and take part of their body out of the water, the impression is unique!

4- Diving in the cenotes in Mexico

Mexico offers a must-see experience, especially when heading to the Yucatan Peninsula. The cenotes are natural chasms, a vast network of rivers and underground caverns. For your information, the cenotes allow you to dive into the heart of Mayan history, since they were real ceremonial places for them. In these fresh water holes, the color of the water, the limestone walls and the different geological formations offer almost unreal spectacles. Some of them are located in the middle of the jungle, so reaching them is an adventure in itself

5- Climbing Hua Mountain in China

Hua Mountain is one of the five sacred mountains in China. It is located east of the city of Xi'an. The mountain consists of four peaks: North, South, East and West. To reach the North peak, there are several options: take the cable car, a standard path or the soldiers' path. This trail consists of stairs carved into the rock, on the side of the cliff. There are many of them and they offer a good deal of difficulty, as well as a good adrenaline rush. But if the climb is steep, you must try to enjoy the panoramas offered, which are of great beauty. So are you ready to try the one that is considered by travelers as the most dangerous hiking trail on the planet?

6- Diving with crocodiles in Australia

Crocodiles are animals that you don't really want to get close to, because of their impressive jaws. In Darwin, Australia, a wildlife park offers to put you in a completely transparent glass cage, then dive into the water in the middle of some of the most impressive crocodiles on the planet. The cage is completely safe and there is no risk, but contemplating them eating and moving just before entering the water can make many people apprehensive. Especially since once in the water, the park professionals continue to bait them

7- Abseiling down a waterfall in Colombia

There are small waterfalls that seem harmless and others that are more impressive because of the water flow. In Colombia, the Juan Curi waterfall is an impressive 180 m high. For a good dose of adrenaline, it is possible to make abseiling. Yes, not only do you have to be afraid of heights, but also of getting wet! In any case, one thing is sure, the landscape is magnificent and a great reward awaits the brave participants in an abseiling: a swim in refreshing water

8- A night in a portaledge in Annecy

Lovers of unusual nights, you will be served! In Haute-Savoie, the most courageous among us have the opportunity to live a unique moment by sleeping on a suspended bed, on the side of a cliff, 500 m above the sumptuous LakeAnnecy. You will first take part in a short hike, abseiling down to a large ledge, before settling into bed, enjoying a suspended dinner with good Savoyard flavours, and then sleeping high up with your head under the stars. The view on the lake and the landscape is splendid, but be careful, you need to have a good heart to spend a night in a portaledge

9- Practice the most extreme zip line in Nepal

Ziplining can be a lot of fun, but it becomes a whole different story when it comes to the most extreme zipline in the world! Located in Nepal, the launch pad is at the top of Sarangkot Hill, overlooking the beautiful Pokhara Valley. The difference in height is 600 m and the length of the zip line is 1.8 km. This is certainly enough to cool down some people. But for those who still want to try the experience, the view of the Annapurna range is simply exceptional

10- Ice climbing in Canada

Ice climbing is a much tougher activity than rock climbing. Canada is a small paradise for this practice, because in winter, with the fall of temperatures, some waterfalls are transformed into huge blocks of ice making the happiness of climbers. You can practice Ice Climbing at the Montmorency Falls, in the vicinity of the village of Mont-Saint-Pierre, or in the Grands-Jardins Park. If the practice must be done in a totally safe way, it is a beautiful physical challenge, but also psychological

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