10 destinations to work while travelling with the PVT

The Working Holiday Visa Program (P.V.T) allows you to discover a country, while being able to work on site. Reserved for young people up to 30 years of age, it allows you to acquire your first experience abroad for a year or two. Today, several dozen nations have signed bilateral agreements to implement this program. The French can choose from 14 destinations, Petit Futé has selected its 10 favourites for an unforgettable experience!

No. 10 - Russia

It is the most unknown destination of the program, yet the French can enjoy the P.V.T in Russia for 4 months, or even 12 if they find a job. Living in Russia means discovering the liveliness of Moscow, the sleepless nights of St. Petersburg or the Siberian culture. But it is also boarding the famous Trans-Siberian Railway for more than 6 days to cross the country! A mysterious land with an impenetrable appearance, Russia awaits you for the most unexpected of experiences

N°9 - Hong Kong

This is the most recent of the bilateral agreements signed by France in Asia. Hong Kong attracts many young people every year, so much so that the quota of 750 annual licences is usually reached. Here, we speak in Cantonese and English: the barrier of the often real language in Asia is therefore easily overcome! An experience in Hong Kong allows you to immerse yourself in its ultra-modern urban culture while discovering the beauty of the surrounding wild islands

No. 8 - Mexico

Surprising and charming, Mexico fascinates by the diversity of its landscapes: tropical forests, cactus desert and active volcanoes are part of the scenery here! Its culture, which is the result of the influence of the great Mayan, Toltec or Aztec civilizations, is of incomparable richness and there is no shortage of archaeological sites to satisfy its thirst for discovery. Take the time to discover this multiple land for a year thanks to the P.V.T.!

No. 7 - South Korea

The Korean experience is certainly one of the most exotic! Recently opened to international tourism, the "country of the calm morning" has been able to present itself as an attractive destination, thanks in particular to the dynamism of its capital: Seoul. It is time to meet the one we do not know very well in the West, a South Korea where modernity and tradition merge happily, unlike its neighbour to the north, one of the most closed countries in the world. The P.V.T. allows you to live and work in South Korea for 12 months.

No. 6 - Australia

This is one of the most popular destinations of the program, each year about 22,000 permits are issued to young French people. This precious sesame allows you to travel through Australia for a year or two, and it will take you no less time to visit this country-continent where the endless expanses provide an unparalleled sense of freedom. From outback to dynamic cities like Sydney or Melbourne, Australia is a permanent adventure!

No. 5 - Argentina

From the monumental Iguazú Falls to the Patagonian glaciers and the bubbling Buenos Aires: it is difficult to see everything on a trip to Argentina! The P.V.T. is then one of the best solutions to survey this immense country while having the possibility to work to make ends meet - the cost of living is rather high in Argentina, so it can be very useful! The quota of visas issued to young French people is set at 900 and has rarely been reached in recent years

No. 4 - Japan

If you are looking for a change of scenery, Japan is the ideal destination! All travellers appreciate the Japanese culture where hospitality - or rather omotenashi - is a tradition. A land of contrasts where a thousand-year-old history coexists with an extreme modernity, Japan opens its doors to the French under 30 years of age for 12 months thanks to the P.V.T. From Tōkyō to Kyōto, it's an opportunity to enrich your professional experience on the other side of the world!

No. 3 - New Zealand

This small country in Oceania, on the edge of the South Pacific, attracts more than 60,000 young people each year to travel while working. New Zealand is the nation that has signed the largest number of P.V.T. agreements in the world! Eldorado of the backpacker, the northern and southern islands are real postcards: fjords, immaculate beaches, geysers and snow-covered mountains, you can find the most beautiful things nature has to offer! It will take you no less than a year to explore its many exceptional sites.

No. 2 - Canada

Canada is a dream come true, so there are many applications for working holiday visas! Once the precious sesame has been obtained, a huge country opens its doors. Anglophone or Francophone, wild or industrialized: you have to choose your Canada! While the harshness of its winters may frighten some, the beauty of its Indian summers and the warmth of its inhabitants delight the most recalcitrant. New Eldorado for young Europeans, its modern and dynamic cities like Vancouver offer many professional opportunities

No. 1 - Brazil

This is the most recent agreement signed by France: since March 2018, Brazil has been one of the P.V.T. destinations open to people under 30. This country-continent never leaves anyone indifferent as its diversity is so great. From the wild rhythms of the Rio de Janeiro carnival to the spicy flavours of Nordeste cuisine and the Iguaçu Falls, the incredible border with Argentina, this is a colourful country that adds to the list of possibilities!

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