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Top 10 most beautiful road trip destinations

The road trip is becoming more and more popular with travellers. Rather than landing in a single place, we then criss-cross the roads of a country to take in the view and enjoy the variety of landscapes. In just a few hours, we go from the seaside to more mountainous areas, then we take breaks in towns and villages to meet the locals, discover the local heritage and sit at a table to taste the gastronomy. Whether it is on a whim or on a trip you have thought about carefully, you should not hesitate to get into a car, adjust your sunglasses, turn on the car radio and set off on an adventure. Short of ideas for a future road trip? Here are the road trip favorites of Carigami, the car rental comparator that offers the possibility to rent vehicles at affordable rates.

A road trip in California and in the American West, the inescapable

The American West is a territory that has been welcoming road trip enthusiasts for many years. The vast landscapes seem to have been designed to entice travellers to travel from cities to national parks to soak up a part of the country that is full of diverse experiences. Departing from Los Angeles or San Francisco, one first takes the time to discover these two extraordinary cities. Los Angeles, city of cinema, with its luxurious districts and neighbouring cities along the Pacific Ocean, never ceases to amaze. For its part, San Francisco is characterized by its open-mindedness and its mythical places such as the Castro, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Fisherman's Wharf. We then move on to the Wild West atmosphere as we travel through the various national parks. Monument Valley, Arches National Park and the Grand Canyon fascinate with their red-orange rocks and the grandiose scenery that has inspired so many westerns. Then we head to Yosemite National Park, where it is good to get lost in the Sierra Navada Mountains and the century-old sequoias. Of course, a road trip in the American West isn't complete if you don't take the time to stop in Las Vegas, a city of excess with hotels and casinos, each one more amazing than the next.

A road trip in Corsica, for the charms of the island of Beauty

Corsica enchants travellers, with its mountainous landscapes that plunge directly into the blue of the Mediterranean and its historic cities that are just waiting to reveal their ancient history. A road trip to Corsica can be made from its main cities: Bastia, Ajaccio or Figari. You will not fail to soak up their atmosphere, to reach the ports and sea fronts and to walk through the narrow streets with their colourful architecture. Then we set course for the main natural curiosities of the island. We travel the Cap Corse between mountains, secret creeks and limestone cliffs. Then we reach the surroundings of Piana to see unique geological formations. The steep red cliffs give way here and there to creeks of great beauty. In South Corsica, it is in Bonifacio that you can get supplies. Its citadel built on the white limestone cliffs is superb. And what about the beaches of Palombaggia, Rondinara and Tamaricciu, all magnificent and unspoilt, and where it is good to settle down on your towel before going swimming, from May onwards!

A road trip in Sicily, Italian island atmosphere

A stay in Sicily does not leave one unscathed. You will discover an island of great beauty, full of places to visit, both in terms of its cities and its varied landscapes. A road trip to Sicily is an opportunity to stop in its most beautiful historical cities. In its capital Palermo, which is home to so many prestigious monuments that it seems to be an open-air museum. There is also Catania, which, with its basalt stone buildings, is nicknamed the "Black City". Roman amphitheatres, picturesque squares and enchanting fountains are on the program, the charm of Italy in short. Adventure on the roads also means reaching the most spectacular natural areas. For example, how not to marvel at Etna, Europe's largest active volcano. And then there are the seascapes that seem to correspond to no other, such as the Scala di Turchi, where the smooth limestone cliffs plunge into a sea with different shades of blue. The landscape offered then seems almost lunar. To finish, you must end up on a beach in the Torre Salsa nature reserve, a place that escapes mass tourism and is the perfect place to relax and enjoy swimming on the sunniest days.

A road trip in Quebec, for its beautiful colors

Quebec offers a perfect territory to criss-cross the roads for hours and stop in wonderful places. Leaving Montreal, you will enjoy a city that is highly appreciated throughout the world, for the welcome of its inhabitants, as well as for its different neighbourhoods with their unique atmospheres. You will appreciate the abundant cultural life and also enjoy the greenery in its parks designed to get away from the urban fervour. We then take the road to the national parks, starting by stopping at La Mauricie National Park. In the midst of coniferous and deciduous forests, you can take a few breaks around the many lakes. Later, in Jacques-Cartier National Park, you can follow the river into the tree-dominated valley. The landscapes are as splendidly snow-covered in winter as they are green in summer, and nature is inspiring and restful. After discovering, on other days, the vast expanses of the Saguenay Fjord, we stop at Tadoussac to observe the whales before heading to Quebec City for a final stopover. Its old city is sublime, and we like to stop there for its charming craft shops, bars and restaurants

A road trip in Portugal, landscapes and gastronomy

Portugal is a country to travel from north to south and from west to east to discover its innumerable riches. Starting from its emblematic cities, one begins by taking an interest in their architecture. In Porto, we walk up and down the streets and visit the monuments with their sublime azulejos. We then head for the Douro valley, to see the vineyards on a staircase and stop to taste the best local wines. Going down south, we take the time to discover smaller towns, but which are not without a rich historical heritage. Coimbra, for example, is a real eye-catcher with its Gothic-Romanesque or Renaissance churches and its sublime Art Nouveau mansions. Obidos, for its part, unveils a medieval charm behind its impressive walls. Once in the southern part of the country, the Alentejo is criss-crossed by hills where the wine route passes through. From these typical Portuguese landscapes, one can retain the beauty of the reliefs and the possibility to plunge into the heart of an authentic atmosphere. Finally, after reaching the Algarve and its immense cliffs that plunge into a sea of great beauty, we reach the capital Lisbon, for its monasteries, its Gothic cathedrals, its majestic palaces and the pleasure of sitting at a table to eat a typical Portuguese dish.

A road trip in Scotland, heading to the North of Europe

There's something unique about a road trip to Scotland. This country, which you don't necessarily hear much about, is full of wonderful places that offer magical moments with a remarkable nature. Starting from Edinburgh, you have to enjoy its old cobbled city and the feeling of taking a trip back in time. The other great city not to be missed is of course Glasgow, whose student atmosphere is an invitation to join the pubs. On the nature side, what can we say about Scotland, except that it is a real jewel. Among the places to reach by car, the Glen Coe Valley. Here you can hike in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, with its mountains and wet, green valleys. Another valley that is definitely worth a visit is Glen Nevis. The highest point in Great Britain, this mountain range is a haven for winter sports lovers and mountaineers. Also, don't forget to add to its list of places to visit during a road trip in Scotland, the Isle of Skye with its wild coasts and white sandy beaches, Loch Ness to put pictures on old legends, and access to some of the most beautiful castles such as Scone Palace and its Georgian Gothic style.

A sunny road trip in Andalusia

A road trip to Andalusia is the certainty of being able to drive with your windows open in one of the sunniest regions of Spain. It is also very rich from a cultural and environmental point of view. The region is so vast that it is even complicated to do everything in one trip. From Andalusia, you will remember its wonderful cities, such as Seville with its historical monuments and its mythical Plaza de España. Málaga, in addition to its seaside location and its beautiful beaches, is also a cultural city where it is good to stroll through its many museums. Once you have decided to leave the urban areas, you head for the natural parks. In the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, you can enjoy a hike in a green setting along rivers and streams. But thrill-seekers can also take the Caminito del Rey at another time for a dizzying hike through the El Chorro Gorge. Proof that Andalusia offers a variety of experiences, the Doñana National Park offers the opportunity to meet the fauna and observe pink flamingos, deer, fallow deer, and above all the Iberian lynx, a species threatened with extinction. A road trip is also the opportunity to make the route of the white villages. Located on the top of the hills, these villages are all charming with their narrow streets and flowered balconies.

A road trip in Crete, the largest of the Greek islands

Don't be mistaken, Crete is not only an island that welcomes those who like to laze on the beach and has many riches to discover on a road trip. In Heraklion, the first stage of your stay, you will explore the city in search of its most beautiful monuments before going to see the unmissable: the Knossos palace, a thousand-year-old archaeological site. Afterwards, on reaching the Lassithi plateau, we wander through a huge fertile plain which hides picturesque villages such as Krasi, and also the impressive Dikteon cave, birthplace of Zeus. Travelling along the most winding roads can lead to splendid mountainous areas, such as the one surrounding the Kournás Lake. The surrounding vegetation is luxuriant and a springtime getaway can even see snow-capped mountain peaks. After getting your strength back in the beautiful city of Chania, with its old town with Venetian buildings and numerous bars and restaurants, you can visit some of the most beautiful beaches during your stay. In the lagoon of Balos, on the beach of Phalassarna or in the Agio Farango Gorge which, at the end of a walk, reveals a little frequented beach with turquoise waters

A road trip in the vastness of Australia

Australia is such a large country that it is possible to make a considerable number of road trips there. The east coast attracts adventurers in particular. A departure from Sydney is perfect to start by enjoying one of the most dynamic cities in the country, which does not fail to see the incredible opera house overlooking the bay. Then you can reach the main cities along the coast. Starting with Byron Bay, a village with a surfing atmosphere, where you can kayak with dolphins and watch whales in the distance. Further inland, the Blue Montains National Park has forests, rivers, waterfalls and gorges to explore on hikes. Then, on the way to the coast, we stop in the marine atmosphere of the big, bustling cities of Surfers Paradise and Brisbane. The bravest, those who are not afraid to ride for hours, are keen to venture to Fraser Island, where the sandy cliffs offer amazing colours. Without forgetting the grail of a road trip on the Australian east coast, the mythical Great Barrier Reef. You can then practice snorkelling in translucent waters. The site is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

An unforgettable road trip in the South of Morocco

The South of Morocco abounds in landscapes of rare beauty. And a road trip in this part of the kingdom allows you to criss-cross desert roads, to stop in typical villages and to go to meet a population always happy to welcome and to be able to indicate a way. Landing in Marrakech, and after having crossed its splendid medina, one of the most beautiful in the Arab world, one takes the direction of the city of Ait Ben Haddou, a fortified city where monuments are made of clay. The city presents an architecture typical of the cities of the South of Morocco, in total harmony with the surrounding nature. An architecture that is also found in Télouet, another city with a magnificent kasbah. Then comes the time to focus on exceptional landscapes, starting with the Dades gorges. The place is magnificent to hike and admire the rock formations and their colours which vary according to the position of the sun in the sky. Later, after stopping in the Toudra Gorge where you can practice climbing on impressive rock faces, you experience an incredible moment when you finally reach the Merzouga Desert. As in a dream, it is there that we look into the sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Camel rides, night in a camp, the feeling is indescribable.

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